A warp pad, one of several throughout Sauria.

Krazoa Shrine Entrance Warps
work as the entrances to Krazoa Shrines. When someone steps in the center of the pedestal, the warping begins and a bright light conceals the warp. And after some seconds, they reappear in a Krazoa Shrine, emerging from the bright light. In a Krazoa Shrine, one of six Krazoa Spirits can be obtained, but only after completing its test.

In appearance, the entrance warps are round floor mounted pedestals that have a diameter of about one meter. The edges are made of bare stone, but the center emits a yellow light and has decorations on it.

More of these pads appear around Sauria, such as the ones which the Warp Stone sends Fox to Krazoa Palace and Ice Mountain.

PDA Scanner Information

WARP PAD - Warps you around the planet


  • Warp pads were one of the many things revealed in the first eighteen minutes of Dinosaur Planet, however it ended after Krystal entered the Warp Pad, so it is unknown if it was suppost to send Krystal to a Krazoa Shrine or another location on the planet.

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