Krazoa Spirits

Krazoa Spirits

Detailed Report

Test of Observation-Krystal collected this by completing the Test of Observation.
Test of Combat-Earned by completing the Test of Combat.
Test of Fear-Gained from the Test of Fear. You weren't scared, were you?
Test of Strength-Collected by completing the Test of Strength.
Test of Knowledge-Earned from the Test of Knowledge. Good to see you remembered the places you had been!


The Krazoa Spirits are essential collectables in Star Fox Adventures, who Fox is required to collect in order to carry on what Krystal started.

In the game

The Krazoa Spirits are floating, transparent ghost like entities, with rear tendrils and vaguely tribal mask like faces.

Krazoa Spirits

Bringers of life to Dinosaur Planet, the Spirits were hidden when the EarthWalkers were attacked by General Scales's army. They must be returned to the Krazoa Palace.
—Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet

P.D.A Scanner Information

KRAZOA SPIRIT - Collect and return to Krazoa Palace

Krazoa Tests

In order to obtain the Krazoa Spirits, Krystal had to pass one test before she got captured by an unknown force, whom she recognized, and Fox had to pass the four subsequent tests after passing certain game points. When Fox reaches the scripted point in the game, he will eventually discover Krazoa Shrines after completing the requirements. When he successfully takes a Spirit out of a Shrine, he will be able to travel to Krazoa Palace by talking to the WarpStone who would previously deny Fox any warping to the Krazoa Palace unless he had a Krazoa Spirit. Fox can then search out a release point where he will separate from the Krazoa Spirit to release it back into the Palace and surround Krystal's prison until all six Spirits are released.

Each test is said to only be completed by those "pure of heart". These tests include:

Shrine Information


Found by: Test Location


Observation Krazoa Palace


Combat Moon Mountain Pass
3 Fox Fear

LightFoot Village

4 Fox Strength

SnowHorn Wastes


Fox Knowledge

Walled City


Fox Battle with General Scales Krazoa Palace


  • Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet

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