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This is a list of Star Fox Command's nine different endings, in the order they are listed in the Ending selection. It is unknown which ending is canon or which, if any, of these endings are canon to the series or not.

Fox and Krystal

Once again, Fox and his friends have saved the Lylat system. But this time, something is different. Fox has finally realized the true value of friendship... and love. Fox and his friends head for Aquas in order to meet Amanda, Slippy's fiancee. Amanda has come to a life-changing decision. She is going to join team Star Fox and fly alongside her love... With the support of her new colleagues, she will soar across the galaxy and get into all manner of adventures along the way! Thanks to team Star Fox, Venom has changed. The oceans are warm and life-bearing, and the climate mild. Dash, grandson of Andross and Venom's new steward, strives to build a brave new empire on Venom, with himself at its pinnacle.
—Fox and Krystal

Good-bye, Fox

The Star Fox members vote to disband the squadron, and Fox promises to spend his remaining days living a quiet life with Krystal. But if a new threat threatens the peace, will Fox keep his promise? To never fight again is a hard thing to ask a warrior… Their son, Marcus, grows into a fine young pup, and the Fox family enjoys a happy life together. Marcus enters the Cornerian Academy and follows his father's path. The apple does not fall far from the tree, as Marcus is gifted with unbelievable flying skill. Marcus soon forms an elite squadron to defend peace wherever it is threatened. He teams up with Slippy's son and Peppy's granddaughter, and tracks down the legendary pilot Falco Lombardi. And with that, a new Star Fox is born!
—Good-bye, Fox

The Anglar Emperor

The members of Star Fox had reunited once more! Again they put differences to one side and took the fight to the enemy. And when the dust cleared, peace had once again returned to Lylat. Yet Fox is still troubled by complicated feelings… Months pass. One dark day Krystal makes a startling confession: "I'm sorry, Fox! I can't do this anymore. I'm going back to be with Panther and the rest of Star Wolf." Fox was overcome with grief and begged Krystal to stay... but her mind was set. Once again, Fox McCloud was forced to wander the world alone...and unloved. But Krystal has no such regrets. She is perhaps the toughest of all the pilots, and she proves it by starting a new life in the elite Star Wolf squadron…
—The Anglar Emperor

Star Wolf Returns

Star Wolf rises! Across Lylat, people talk of Wolf O'Donnell and his courageous crew. But they are less kind to Krystal, feeling that she was wrong to abandon Star Fox. But she ignores the talk and proceeds with her new life as a member of Star Wolf. Eventually, the slings and arrows of the populace are too much to bear. They begin to hiss as she walks by, and name her traitor to her face. She is alone... and hated. She pulls away from Star Wolf and tries to find meaning in this new, cruel world. Haunted by her past, Krystal abandons her life and flees to a distant galaxy. Changing her name to Kursed, she survives by collecting bounties on the worst scum in the galaxy. Years later, she runs into Fox during a job on planet Kew... He does not recognize her.
—Star Wolf Returns

Lucy and Krystal

With the battle over and the day won, the entire team chips in to prepare a huge celebratory feast. Everyone stays up eating and drinking and telling stories until long into the night. Peppy and Lucy slip away to reminisce about Vivian Hare, the wife and mother they lost to illness many years ago. Bringing up memories both joyful and bittersweet, father and daughter sit and talk until the morning light. And Krystal and Fox, reunited after so long, are finally able to speak of their true feelings for each other. With new hope for the future, and a pledge of eternal love from Fox, Krystal decides to rejoin team Star Fox.
—Lucy and Krystal

Dash Makes a Choice

Dash, left on Venom at his own request, begins to make the planet a more hospitable place to live. After years of terraforming, immigrants begin to arrive on the now lush and green world of Venom. Venom flourishes under Dash's leadership, and soon equals Corneria in terms of both its environment and its scientific expertise. The planet is at the heart of an empire ruled by Dash, who then makes an epic and inflammatory speech: "Corneria is no longer the center of Lylat power! Venom's time has come!" his citizens are enraptured by Dash's oratory skills and his furious message. Weeks later, a small conflict leads to war, and Venom once again threatens the galaxy…
—Dash Makes a Choice

Slippy's Resolve

Slippy decided to leave Star Fox behind and make a new life on the beautiful planet of Aquas...with Amanda by his side. There was no indecision or regret on his part. He would live for his family now… The years passed. Slippy and Amanda had a veritable army of children, and Slippy thought he could never be any happier. His children grew tall and strong in the clean Aquas air, and love to hear stories of how Dad flew with the legendary Star Fox team. Several decades pass. Slippy is now an old man who loves to recount tales of the good old days for visiting children. When he finishes a yarn, he often thinks of his friends. Do they still cross the galaxy righting wrongs? He can only watch the sky and wonder…
—Slippy's Resolve

Pigma's Revenge

Falco is consumed with rage. If all had gone to plan, he, Fox, and all the rest would be heroes writ upon a galactic stage, reveling in endless retellings of their victory. Instead, fate has seen fit to ostracize Falco from the Star Fox squadron. And then, just when things were bleakest, Falco got a message from Katt Monroe. "Forget those losers! Grab a couple of friends and form a new squad!" Falco was usually too stubborn to heed advice, but this message came at the right time. Falco took Katt up on her offer, and they hunting for a third pilot, eventually they found their man--an elite Cornerian pilot named Dash! Together the three of them formed Star Falco, a unit that rivaled even Star Fox!
—Pigma's Revenge

The Curse of Pigma

Fox was despondent. Star Wolf had taken from him everything that he loved. Falco's attempts to comfort his old friend were futile. Fox lived as one already dead, barely eating or sleeping. But then Falco had an idea that changed everything… Falco had a brainstorm: retire as pilots and engineer their Arwings into racing machines. They would enter the high-speed world of G-Zero Grand Prix racing! When Falco saw excitement return to his friend's face, relief coursed through him. Fox and Falco turned out to be a great G-Zero team. Winning race after race, they become household names across a countless number of planetary systems. Their days as part of Star Fox faded to a distant memory…
—The Curse of Pigma


  • Only "The Anglar Emperor" can be received in the player's first playthrough, as the choices which deviate the player's route are locked until the game is beaten the first time. Despite it being the third in the list, this makes it the "default" ending.
  • Viewing every ending in the game will unlock the title screen and "Mission Accomplished" theme of Star Fox 64 as the title screen fanfare. The main menu music will also change into the Star Fox team's leitmotif.
  • In the Japanese version of the "Star Wolf Returns" ending, it is not mentioned that Krystal went by the alias "Kursed" - this was added by the English localization team. In its place, Kew is mentioned as being located in the Krazoa galaxy.
  • In the Japanese version of "The Anglar Emperor" ending, Krystal refers to Wolf and the rest of Star Wolf; in the English release, this was changed to Panther, likely because he is a secondary love interest.
  • In the Japanese version of the "Lucy and Krystal" ending, Vivian's last name is not mentioned.
  • In the Japanese version of the "Dash Makes a Choice" ending, a timeframe of several decades is mentioned. In addition, it is not said that a conflict with the Venomian forces sparked warfare, but simply that they may pose a threat to Corneria.
    • The fact that Venom was terraformed may be a reference to Venom's appearance in the unreleased Star Fox 2.
  • Dash Bowman wears the same exact outfit in the "Dash Makes a Choice" and "Pigma's Revenge" endings, although he assumes a different role in both outcomes. This is likely because the render was recycled.
  • In the Japanese version of "The Curse of Pigma" ending, Fox was said to binge continuously on the plates of food at the restaurant; in the English release, this was changed to Fox refusing to eat, and a reference to Fox unable to sleep was added.



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