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The Laser is a general science fiction term for projected energy, usually in the form of weaponry found within handheld arnaments or large laser cannons found on starships. In the Star Fox series, Lasers are a form of energy used by the laser cannons found on the Arwing, Wolfen, Blue Marine, Landmaster, Cornerian Fighters, and many more vehicles. One can use the Laser by repeatedly pressing the A button, or they can charge the Laser by holding the A button. Once charged, it can also lock on to the opponent with the use of Targeting Computer, providing the ship has one. In Star Fox Command, however, some personal craft can't charge their Laser. The Star Fox Team's mothership, the Great Fox is armed with Laser Cannons which are used in battle and clearing pathways in Asteroid Belts, however it will not enter battle unless the Arwings cannot penetrate a target.

Defence against Lasers

There are many things that the Laser cannot affect like the hulls of some larger spacecraft and extremely large Asteroids. Some special ForceFields have been specifically built to withstand or even deflect Laser fire like the Reflector and the Anti-Laser Shield. The Asteroid Destroyer Meteo Crusher and Combat Robot Shogun are armed with their own Laser absorbing shields, the first can generate a reflecting force until its power supplies are cut off. Performing a Barrel Roll creates a magnetic field which can deflect enemy firepower until the vehicle needs to make the next one.

Lasers in real life

LASER is an acronym standing for Light Amplified by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Unfortunately for Star Fox, real lasers are made only of light and as such are invisible (neglecting corona effects, which would be negligible in space) and require a high amount of energy to function. It is likely that the Star Fox "laser" weapons are actually highly advanced railgun-based plasma weapons or directed energy weapons and are referred to as "lasers" as slang term.

See also

  • Charge for the different lock-on features in Command.


  • In this page of the 1997 Star Fox comic. Fox says "Eat plutonium, you monster!" while saving Slippy from a Zeid parasite. This may be referencing that the lasers could be or have at one point infact, be or have been made of plutonium, rather than light.
  • The Star Fox 64/3D Laser upgrade fanfare returned to Star Fox: Assault, but was used for the collection tune of picking up Weapons on the ground rather than the Laser upgrade itself.


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