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Projected Energy Weapon

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Green (Single), (Twin)
Blue (Hyper)

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Star Fox (game)
Star Fox 64/3D
Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox: Assault
Star Fox Command
Star Fox Zero
Super Smash Bros.
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The Laser is a general science fiction term for projected energy, usually in the form of weaponry found within handheld arnaments or large laser cannons found on starships. In the Star Fox series, Lasers are a form of energy used by the laser cannons found on the Arwing, Wolfen, Blue Marine, Landmaster, Cornerian Fighters, and many more vehicles. One can use the Laser by repeatedly pressing the A button, or they can charge the Laser by holding the A button. Once charged, it can also lock on to the opponent with the use of Targeting Computer, providing the ship has one. In Star Fox Command, however, some personal craft can't charge their Laser. The Star Fox Team's mothership, the Great Fox is armed with Laser Cannons which are used in battle and clearing pathways in Asteroid Belts, however it will not enter battle unless the Arwings cannot penetrate a target.

Defence against Lasers

There are many things that the Laser cannot affect like the hulls of some larger spacecraft and extremely large Asteroids. Some special ForceFields have been specifically built to withstand or even deflect Laser fire like the Reflector and the Anti-Laser Shield. The Asteroid Destroyer Meteo Crusher and Combat Robot Shogun are armed with their own Laser absorbing shields, the first can generate a reflecting force until its power supplies are cut off. Performing a Barrel Roll creates a magnetic field which can deflect enemy firepower until the vehicle needs to make the next one.

In the games

Star Fox

In Star Fox, the Laser upgrade would give you the Twin Blasters. The Twin Blasters fire two lasers at once; for every one shot with such blasters, it would sound like two shots firing from the single blaster. Collecting another one of these would upgrade your blaster further so that it fires plasma bolts. You lose the Twin Blasters when you die or one of your wings break. The Laser upgrade is relatively rare. Collecting one with a broken wing will send a Wing Gyro your way for your wings to be repaired.


This Laser Cannon, equipped in the nose of the Arwing, fires a powerful laser beam.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Twin Blaster

By collecting the Twin Blaster item, you can fire two laser beam Blasters simultaneously, one from each wing. When one or both of your wings are destroyed, you will revert back to a single Blaster firing out of your ship's nose.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Twin Blaster or Wing Gyro

The effect of this item on your ship will depend on your ship's condition. If your wings are intact and you collect it, it will allow you to fire two Blaster beams simultaneously (Twin Blaster Type A). If one of your wings is damaged and you collect it, a Wing Gyro will appear and repair your wing. (Note: If your wing is damaged, this item will only repair your wing, it will not not give you a Twin Blaster.) If you collect a second Twin Blaster/ Wing Gyro item after you already have Twin Blasters, the power of your blasters will be improved (Twin Blaster Type B).
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox 2

In Star Fox 2, the Laser upgrade functions about the same way as it did in the previous game, but follows moderate differences. In walker form, your laser is automatically transformed into a plasma ball, mirroring the type of laser you have (be it single or twin). Sometimes enemies can drop these powerups, so they may or may not be more common than before. Since your wings will not break, laser upgrades are permanent.

Star Fox 64/3D

In Star Fox 64/3D, the Laser power up must be collected once to transform Single Laser into Twin Lasers and again to upgrade to Hyper Laser. They are significantly more common in this game than in the original game. When the C>>> icon appears on-screen, ROB 64 will send a Supply Container which may or may not contain a Laser Upgrade, replaced instantly by a Wing-Gyro if the wings break before its collection. 

Instruction booklet references

Laser: The single laser will change to the twin laser, and the twin will change to hyper laser. The powered up laser can be carried over to the next area.
—Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet

Strategy Guide references

Hyper Laser

Your ship comes off the assembly line with a single laser cannon, but Laser Upgrades will increase its power. Collect one upgrade to change the single laser to a twin laser. Collect a second upgrade to change them into hyper lasers. You can tell when you have hyper lasers by the telltale song they make. If your ship takes heavy damage, it will revert back to a single laser. Laser Upgrades are often hidden within enemy ships and gun emplacements. You often must destroy an entire squadron or groups of guns before they will appear. Laser Upgrades are carried over from one mission to the next. If the Arwing is destroyed, you'll lose all your Laser Upgrades and any other items you collected.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 12

Lock On

The hyper laser also has the ability to store up and fire a concentrated blast of energy. Press and hold the A Button to charge the laser and then tap A to fire. To "lock on" to an enemy, aim at a specific target while the laser is charging. When you fire, the laser bolt will home in on the target. The resulting explosion can wipe out entire groups of enemies. Once you lock on to a target and fire a charged laser blast, you can't lock on again until that blast has detonated. You can still fire regular and charged lasers in the meantime.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 12


The Landmaster's laser is more powerful than the Arwing's base weapon. The main gun can't be upgraded, but it can charge up and lock on to targets.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 14

Laser Upgrade

Collect this to upgrade to a twin laser or hyper laser.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 16

Star Fox Adventures

In Star Fox Adventures, the Laser works like before but it cannot perform Charged or Homing shots and is stuck with the default settings during the final boss battle.

Star Fox: Assault

In Star Fox: Assault, there are two types of Laser power ups. The green one corresponds the Super Laser upgrade, but the red one upgrades the laser straight from Single to Hyper. If the red one is picked up after a green one, the Laser still changes to Hyper. Also, picking up a Hyper upgrade repairs damaged wings in the game.

Instruction booklet references

Green Power Upgrade: Grab one of these upgrades to increase your vehicle's firepower by one level.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet
Red Power Upgrade: Grab one of these upgrades to increase your vehicle's firepower by two levels.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox Command

In Star Fox Command, most of the characters had their own personal craft, each with unique forms of Lasers and lock-on features. Only the Rainbow Delta (Leon Powalski) lacks a Laser weapon. The Laser as a supply is only present in Star Fox Command's mulitplayer mode.

Instruction booklet references

All Buttons: Press the A, B, X, Y, L, R Buttons - or the +Control Pad - to fire your lasers. Press and hold any of these to lock-on to an enemy, then release it to fire a blast that will follow foes across the sky!

Note that not all characters have lock-on abilities.

—Star Fox Command; Instruction Booklet

Fighter Dossiers

LASER TYPE: "The type of laser equipped. Laser varieties include SINGLE (one beam), TWIN (two beams), PLASMA (two round shots), ARC (curved beam), and ZAPPER (powerful long-distance beam)."
—Star Fox Command; Instruction Booklet

Single Laser is the least effective of the Laser types since it only shoots out a single laser beam. Personal crafts with this Laser variation are the Arwing II, however it can take upgrades (Fox McCloud), the Sky Claw (Falco Lombardi), and the Tadpole (Amanda).

Twin Laser, unsurprisingly, shoots out two laser beams. This makes it presumably twice as effective as Single Laser. Personal crafts with this Laser variation are the Cloud Runner (Krystal), the Red Fang (Wolf O'Donnell), the Monkey Arrow (Dash Bowman), the Arwings of Peppy Hare and James McCloud, and the Cornerian Fighters of Bill Grey and Krystal.

Plasma Laser shoots out two round shots. It is more powerful than the Twin Laser. The only personal crafts with this Laser variation are the Bullfrog (Slippy Toad) and the Sky Bunny (Lucy Hare).

Curve Laser, also known as Arc Laser, is even stronger than the Plasma Laser, and curves when fired whilst the ship is rolling, but is slightly slower than other weapons. The only personal craft with type of Laser is the Cat's Paw II (Katt Monroe).

Zapper Laser is the strongest Laser available. Only the Black Rose (Panther Caroso) is equipped with this mighty Laser. However, it is significantly slower than the other lasers.

Star Fox Zero

The Laser functions very much as they did in 64 with some slight alterations. Because the Arwing can no longer lose its wings, it can keep the Twin Laser upgrade even after taking significant damage. It also increases the strength of the Charge Laser. Upgrading to Hyper allows the player to lock onto two enemies at once to fire two homing shots. The Hyper upgrade also causes the Arwing to glow periodically, but the upgrade will be lost if the player takes damage twice, regardless of how much was incurred. The Charge Laser itself was also given a stronger blue-colored variation that moves faster and can be launched by simply letting go of ZL the instant a full lock-on is achieved. While the Landmaster can't upgrade its laser, its Charge Laser function was replaced in favor of a multi-lock on system that fires powerful missiles with a large blast radius. Unlike in 64, laser upgrades do not carry over to succeeding stages.

In Co-Op Mode, the second player operates an unseen additional laser turret that fires orange bolts.

Lasers in real life

LASER is an acronym standing for Light Amplified by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Unfortunately for Star Fox, real lasers are made only of light and as such are invisible (neglecting corona effects, which would be negligible in space) and require a high amount of energy to function. It is likely that the Star Fox "laser" weapons are actually highly advanced railgun-based plasma weapons or directed energy weapons and are referred to as "lasers" as slang term.


See also

  • Charge for the different lock-on features in Command.


  • In this page of the 1997 Star Fox comic. Fox says "Eat plutonium, you monster!" while saving Slippy from a Zeid parasite. This may be referencing that the lasers could be or have at one point infact, be or have been made of plutonium, rather than light.
  • The Landmaster can only upgrade its laser in the multiplayer modes.
  • The Star Fox 64/3D Laser upgrade fanfare returned to Star Fox: Assault, but was used for the collection tune of picking up Weapons on the ground rather than the Laser upgrade itself.


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  • Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet
    • Star Fox 64 3D; Instruction Booklet
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