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A Life-Force Door is an enchanted barricade that keeps Fox from entering a certain area. The number of spirits floating on a Life-Force Door tell how many enemies must be defeated in order to open it. They appear in Star Fox Adventures.

Life-Force Door



Fox near a Life-force door

A Life-Force Door looks like a red ForceField with white waves moving from the edges of the field towards the center. At the center, there is a small horned dinosaur skull and crossbones. The red spirits are very vague and move clockwise around the center. They disappear when enemies are defeated. Both SharpClaw warriors and non SharpClaw enemies should be nearby as the required targets to dispell the door, including the RedEye and FireCrawler tribes.

Once the required number of enemies are destroyed, the Life-Force Door starts diminishing from the edges towards the center, finally disappearing from sight and revealing the way behind it. Unlike regular enemies that respawn after sometime, enemies that are required to be defeated to disable the Life-Force door will disappear permanently.

Life-Force Doors



These red, swirling Force Fields block your path from time to time. Close examination reveals lighter red swirls on the surface. The number of swirls equals the number of enemies you have to defeat to open the door. Once the baddies are dispatched, the Life-Force Door fades out of existence.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 9


  • Although the final fight with General Scales never occurred, a Life-Force Door will still trap Fox inside the Test of Scales. 
  • The Life-Force Doors were actually meant to harm you in earlier versions of the game if you walked up and touched them. In the final version, they are merely cosmetic and do no damage. 


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