This is a list of tribes on the planet Sauria. These include major and lesser known tribes, constructed of both Dinosaurs and non Dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur tribes

Common varients of tribal dinosuars.


Main article: EarthWalker

The EarthWalkers are one of the two ruling tribes along with the Cloud Runners. The EarthWalkers live within the Walled City, which is also the location to the fifth Krazoa Shrine and one of the lands where a SpellStone was forged. They are ruled by both the King and Queen EarthWalkers, and have an army which was defeated by the SharpClaw when they were sent to defend the Krazoa Palace. The EarthWalkers also seem to be in a disagreement with the CloudRunners as the two tribes, stating they "do not see eye-to-eye". The current ruler is Prince Tricky, who helped Fox McCloud restore peace on the planet. All of the residents are based on the dinosaur Triceratops.


Main article: CloudRunner

The CloudRunners are the second ruling tribe of Dinosaur Planet along with the EarthWalkers. Their ancient domain is known as CloudRunner Fortress, which was taken over by General Scales who used it as his base. The CloudRunners are a peaceful tribe as many are seen flying around various areas of the planet, although not appearing to make much contact with the other tribes. Chief LightFoot does not call them by the name of the tribe, but instead just calling them birds. The CloudRunners do however, have a close relationship with the BoneHeads, or at least some of them, as one is their chief engineer, which could mean that the CloudRunners are not capable of maintaining the fortress themselves. They are ruled over by the Queen CloudRunner. CloudRunners appear to be based on the pterosaur Pteranodon.


Main article: ThornTail

The ThornTails are a small tribe which live in ThornTail Hollow, located in the center of the various lands of Dinosaur Planet. The tribe is very peaceful, as they do not get involved with the war against the SharpClaws. They also seem to be in close relations with the EarthWalkers, calling the Queen EarthWalker their queen as well. The ThornTail tribe is the most insecure of all the tribes, being scared of the dark and requiring lighted beacons for them to feel safe at night.


Main article: SnowHorn

The SnowHorns are tundra dwellers who live near Ice Mountain and DarkIce Mines. They appear to have no leader and come and go as they please, but Garunda Te, the GateKeeper, does refer to the tribe as "my tribe" and they refer to him as "our leader". They are highly social as seen when one is upset about his golden root, which was stolen, the others are also very concerned about it. The SnowHorn tribe is the only mammalian tribe on Dinosaur Planet. SnowHorns are based on Woolly Mammoths.


Main article: LightFoot

The LightFoots are a small tribe which live in a large, open swamp near ThornTail Hollow and Cape Claw. The LightFoot tribe is suspicious of the others tribes and generally do not trust any of them, including the EarthWalkers, as seen when they attacked Fox who was accompanied by the Prince of the EarthWalkers. They are also seen to be more savage than other tribes, as most carry spears and are even willing to use their own young as bait. They also can get abusive towards others and some of the larger LightFoots tend to punch their own friends. LightFoots are ruled by a chief and have strict laws which they also enforce onto others not from their own tribe, such as taking tests just to be accepted.


Main article: HighTop

The HighTops are the largest tribe in terms of physical size but are one of the least intelligent and easy going tribes. The home of the HighTops is uncertain, although it may possibly be Cape Claw, however, as only one is seen there and the area appears to be too small for the massive HighTops; they may reside in another area not shown. The HighTops are one of the most social tribes on Dinosaur Planet as one is shown being friends with three different tribes. It is unknown if the HighTops have a ruler or just a small leaderless tribe that drifts through Dinosaur Planet. HighTops are based on Apatosaurus.


The BoneHeads are one of the more advanced tribes that are easily capable of working with machines. The BoneHead tribe works with the CloudRunners on their fortress and manage their machinery, such as the wind lifts.


Main article: SharpClaw

The SharpClaw are a militaristic band of reptilian pirates geared towards taking control of Dinosaur Planet. Along with being one of the largest tribes, they are also by far the most advanced and violent. Although their technology to most worlds would be considered outdated, but by far have overwhelmed the other more primitive tribes. Their technology includes sentry robots armed with lasers, repulsor sleds, computerized artillery cannons, deflector shields, missles, and finally, a handful of spacecraft. The tribe leader was a self-proclaimed general known only as "Scales", who launched a full-scale campaign against the other tribes which nearly destroyed the planet. The origin of the SharpClaws is from the second moon of Dinosaur Planet, which crashed into the planet and became known as Moon Mountain Pass, eventually they left their home and spread all over Dinosaur Planet. It is unknown what happened to them when they betrayed Scales but during the Aparoid Invasion on Dinosaur Planet, Slippy mentioned that they were wiped out. Most likely they withdrew to one of the ancient catacombs or temples and dug in. SharpClaw appear to be based on Allosaurus, although are much smaller and more humanoid.


Main article: RedEye

The RedEye are the most dangerous of all the tribes and is the only tribe that is incapable of speech. The RedEyes are the most lethal enemies to the EarthWalkers until their leader was sealed away under the Krazoa Shrine. After some time, General Scales managed to convince the RedEyes to join forces with him. The RedEyes then claimed the Walled City and forced the EarthWalkers to flee the city. They were eventually defeated by Fox who then killed their king. RedEye are based on Tyrannosaurus.


Main article: BribeClaw

The BribeClaw are similar to the Sharpclaws. They are the ones that says "You give me scarabs to pass". They apparently have an alliance with General Scales to conquer Dinosaur Planet.


Main article: FireCrawler

FireCrawlers are aggressive, fire breathing, Ankylosaurus like creatures, living widespread on Dragon Rock, while just one was sighted at Moon Mountain Pass. The first is most likely their homeland.

Kalda Chom

Main article: Kalda Chom

Kalda Chom is a species of bloated, bizarre humanoid torso monsters living within the canyons of Moon Mountain Pass.

EggSnatcher, Snipluk and Snaplak

Main article: EggSnatcher
Main article: Snipluk
Main article: Snaplak

Snipluks and Snaplaks are burrowing, vicious menaces living throughout most of Sauria's lands. They resemble the EggSnatchers, which live on a diet of stealing Dinosaur Eggs, hence their name.


Main article: Kooshy

Kooshy are burrowing, orb shooting pests, living only at the sandy beaches of Cape Claw.


Main article: Screech

Screech, or Bloops are strange, hovering menaces living widespread throughout Sauria.

Unamed tribes

The CloudRunner Fortress Engineer Gradabug and the mean spirited, floating ShopKeeper have not been identified with any named tribes, yet the Nintendo Prima guide hints that Gradabug is one of the "BoneHead" tribe. An unidentified race appears during the Test of Fear.

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