Fox, Falco and Wolf are the three playable Star Fox characters in Brawl.

This article lists all the playable characters past and present in the Super Smash Bros. Series in alphabetical order. Star Fox has been represented in every title to date, with Fox as a default character in all games, Falco as an unlockable in every game following Melee while Wolf only appears as an unlockable in Brawl.
Fighter SSB SSBM SSBB SSB4 Series
Bayonetta N/A N/A N/A DLC Bayonetta
Bowser N/A Default Default Default Mario
Captain Falcon Unlock Default Unlock Default F-Zero
Charizard N/A N/A (1) Default Pokemon
Cloud N/A N/A N/A DLC Final Fantasy
Corrin N/A N/A N/A DLC Fire Emblem
Dark Pit N/A N/A N/A Unlock Kid Icarus
Diddy Kong N/A N/A Default Default Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Default Default Default Default Donkey Kong
Dr Mario N/A Unlock N/A Unlock Mario
Duck Hunt N/A N/A N/A Unlock Duck Hunt
Falco N/A Unlock Unlock Unlock Star Fox
Fox Default Default Default Default Star Fox
Ganondorf N/A Unlock Unlock Unlock The Legend of Zelda
Greninja N/A N/A N/A Default Pokemon
Ice Climbers N/A Default Default N/A Ice Climber
Ike N/A N/A Default Default Fire Emblem
Ivysaur N/A N/A (1) N/A Pokemon
Jigglypuff Unlock Unlock Unlock Default Pokemon
King Dedede N/A N/A Default Default Kirby
Kirby Default Default Default Default Kirby
Link Default Default Default Default The Legend of Zelda
Little Mac N/A N/A N/A Default Punch Out!!
Lucario N/A N/A Unlock Default Pokemon
Lucina N/A N/A N/A Unlock Fire Emblem
Luigi Unlock Unlock Unlock Default Mario
Mario Default Default Default Default Mario
Marth N/A Unlock Unlock Unlock Fire Emblem
Mega Man N/A N/A N/A Default Mega Man
Meta Knight  N/A N/A Default Default Kirby
Mewtwo N/A Unlock N/A DLC Pokemon
Mii Brawler N/A N/A N/A Default Super Smash Bros.
Mii Gunner N/A N/A N/A Default Super Smash Bros.
Mii Swordfighter N/A N/A N/A Default Super Smash Bros.
Mr Game & Watch N/A Unlock Unlock Unlock Game & Watch
Ness Unlock Default Unlock Default EarthBound
Olimar N/A N/A Default Default Pikmin
Pac-Man N/A N/A N/A Default Pac-Man
Palutena N/A N/A N/A Default Kid Icarus
Peach Default Default Default Mario
Pichu N/A Unlock N/A N/A Pokemon
Pikachu Default Default Default Default Pokemon
Pit N/A N/A Default Default Kid Icarus
Pokemon Trainer N/A N/A Default N/A Pokemon
R.O.B. N/A N/A Unlock Unlock R.O.B.
Robin N/A N/A N/A Default Fire Emblem
Rosalina N/A N/A N/A Default Mario
Roy N/A Unlock N/A DLC Fire Emblem
Ryu N/A N/A N/A DLC Street Fighter
Samus Default Default Default Default Metroid
Sheik N/A Default Default Default The Legend of Zelda
Shulk N/A N/A N/A Default Xenoblade
Snake N/A N/A Unlock N/A Metal Gear Solid
Sonic N/A N/A Unlock Default Sonic The Hedgehog
Squirtle N/A N/A (1) N/A Pokemon
Toon Link N/A N/A Unlock Default The Legend of Zelda
Villager N/A N/A N/A Default Animal Crossing
Wario N/A N/A Default Unlock Wario
Wii Fit Trainer N/A N/A N/A Default Wii Fit
Wolf N/A N/A Unlock N/A Star Fox
Yoshi Default Default Default Default Yoshi
Young Link N/A Unlock N/A N/A The Legend of Zelda
Zelda  N/A Default Default Default The Legend of Zelda
Zero Suit Samus N/A N/A Default Default Metroid


  • (1): Pokémon Trainer is a combination of Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard as alternating moves instead of separate characters. Charizard became it's own character after Brawl.

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