Leon Powalski, a chameleon, is a sub-species of Lizards.

Lizards are Reptiles and are a common species in the Lylat System.


Like Dogs and Monkeys, reptiles tend to be one of the most common species in the galaxy. Like all other animilistic species, they may come from the planet of Corneria, though a large population of them do live on the planet Venom. Reptiles are usually depicted as antagonistic characters such as the space pirate and assassin Leon Powalski.

During the Lylat Wars, many of them, alongside Monkeys, were employed into the Venomian Army. They were fierce fighters, but eventually lost the war and were forced to make peace with the Cornerians.

Planet Sauria is populated by several Dinosaurs and other ancient races of Reptiles, all of which are related to Lizards.


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