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The Lylat System is the setting of the Star Fox (series), therefore the various locations serves as the Missions.

Star Fox 64 logo
02 Star Fox 64 Lylat Map

The 1997 Lylat Map.

In Star Fox 64/3D, the missions are:

Star Fox Adventures

General Pepper explains that Dinosaur Planet is breaking apart and has hired Star Fox to investigate.

In Adventures, the ancient world of Dinosaur Planet on the edge of the Lylat system is tearing apart and General Pepper hires the Star Fox team to restore the planet as the apparent chance of an explosion will have an effect on the entire Lylat System.

Prior to the events of the game, the planet Cerinia was apparently doomed and left the vixen Krystal ad the sole survivor, searching for answers about her parent's deaths, but it was implied that the events were due to the manipulations of Andross in his attempts to survive.

Star Fox Assault

In Star Fox: Assault, the games missions are:

Solar, Sector Y and Titania are not used as Mission settings but are present in the backgrounds, while Zoness and Titania are used as Versus Mode maps.

Star Fox Command
04 Star Fox Command Lylat Map

The 2006 Lylat Map.

In Star Fox Command, the missions are:

SauriaKew and Papetoon are not visited during gameplay but are mentioned or cameo.

SFZ Lylat Map

The 2016 Lylat Map.

In Star Fox Zero, the game missions use the following locations:


In the spin-off game Star Fox Guard, Corneria Precious Metals Ltd., a deep-space mining company established on Corneria serves as the location of gameplay.

Map Of The Lylat System (Star Fox 2).

In Star Fox 2, the Lylat System locations featured in game play are: