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14 ALW?

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Red Fox-Cerinian Fox hybrid




Blue and white



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Star Fox Team
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Star Fox Command (possible ending)


Marcus is the son of Fox McCloud and Krystal in the Star Fox Command ending "Good-bye, Fox" in which the two retire and settle down.


Early lifeEdit

Following the defeat of the Anglars, Fox and the rest of the Star Fox Team vote to disband the squadron following, with Fox, immediately upon destroying the Anglars, departing the Great Fox forever and meeting Krystal again on Sauria, keeping his promise to rebuild the relationship he ended due to Fox forcing Krystal to leave the team due to his fears for her safety from his line of work. Once Fox reunited with Krystal, seeing that he has finished his old life with Star Fox to be with her for good, she joyfully forgives him and they soon settle down to a quiet life. The rest of the Star Fox team went their own ways as well.

At some point, Fox and Krystal had Marcus. In terms of appearance, Marcus physically appears much like his father, and inherits his strong sense of leadership, though inherits his mother's blue fur. Marcus was raised by his parents, becoming a "fine young pup", and they enjoy a happy life together.

When he was old enough, Marcus enrolled in the Cornerian Academy, intending to follow in his father's footsteps. Marcus soon proved that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree during his training. His flying skill, a gift passed down through his family, was considered "unbelievable".

The New Star FoxEdit


The new Star Fox.

Upon graduation, Marcus, continuing to follow his mother's, his father's, and his (supposedly) dead grandfather's example and footsteps, went into freelance work, intending to re-form the elite Star Fox squadron. Marcus soon succeeded, teaming up with Slippy's son, Peppy's granddaughter, and even managed to track down the legendary pilot Falco Lombardi. Together, the new Star Fox team defends peace wherever it is threatened.



  • Marcus has only ever been seen or mentioned in the Star Fox Command ending "Good-bye, Fox".
  • In the 1993 Star Fox comic, Fox's mother was identified as the late Vixy Reinard. If she was a game-relevant character, then she could be considered the paternal grandmother of Marcus; however, as it was an adaptation of the original SNES game, this expanded family history is not normally considered canonical.
  • All of Marcus' grandparents may have been killed by Andross during the course of the series. His paternal grandmother (if considered canonical) was accidentally murdered with a carbomb, his paternal grandfather is presumed dead, and both of his maternal grandparents died during the destruction of his mother's home planet Cerinia.
  • Further information is currently unknown until the next title in the series is released and confirms or denies his existence.
  • Marcus can be seen wearing the same uniform from the original Star Fox game.
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