SF64 Medal

A Medal in Star Fox 64.

are prizes awarded to the player for achieving certain goals, including a specific amount of enemy-kills. They have appeared, so far, in Star Fox 64/3D and Star Fox: Assault.



Collecting Medals will highlight a level with one as proof of collection on the Lylat Map.

Star Fox 64/3D

The Cornerian Air Force Medals of valour in Star Fox 64/3D are standard Gold Medals with blue ribbons and an Arwing in the coin's center. In each area, if a player shoots down enough enemies, they will be eligible to receive a medal. Also, all three wingmates (Peppy, Slippy, and Falco) must be alive at the end of the mission. After reaching the level's requirements, the point score check will flash from white into red, indicating a medal's collection. If all medals are collected, the player unlocks Expert Mode.

Instruction Booklet

In each area, if you shoot down enough enemies, will be eligible to receive a medal. If you receive a medal for each area, something special will happen. Below is a listing of the minimum number of necessary hits required for each area to receive a medal: NOTE: In addition, each team member must be alive at the end of each area.
—Star Fox 64, Instruction Booklet

Strategy Guide

When one of your wingmen sends out a mayday, you'd better answer the call. You'll have to trust each other and watch each other's backs if you expect to succeed against Andross and his cruel hordes. If all of you are alive and well at the end of a mission, you may qualify for a medal from the Cornerian Air Force. In addition, saving one of your wingmen may be part of a secret mission or may help open up a new path for you to explore.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 7

Strategy Guide Pullout

Though you're not a commissioned officer in the Cornerian military, you can be decorated for valour in combat. If you score a creation number of hits in a mission and all your wingmen survive, you'll be awarded a gold medal. The specific number of hit required is listed below each mission name on the navigational chart at left. You'll have your best chances for winning medals in Corneria, Aquas and Fichina, while Sector Z, Katina and Area 6 will pose the greatest challenge.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, Navigational Chart

Medal requirements

Level Medal Requirement
Corneria 150
Meteo 200
Sector Y 150
Katina 150
Fichina 50
Aquas 150
Solar 100
Sector X 150
Zoness 250
Titania 150
Sector Z 100
Macbeth 150
Area 6 300
Bolse 150
Venom 200

Note: Fichina was mistakenly called Fortuna in the English version of Star Fox 64

Expert Mode Medals

In Expert Mode the medal requirements stay the same.

Star Fox: Assault

SFA Results

The ally medal in Assault.

The medals in Star Fox Assault are much like those in Star Fox 64, but there are four types: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Ally. Bronze, Silver, and Gold are earned by reaching the specific amount of points. The medals themselves are fox head shaped, like the Shield Gauge in Star Fox Adventures. To get these three medals the player must play the level on the selected Medal difficulty. For example, if a player wants to get a Silver medal they must play the level on the Silver difficulty.

Medal requirements

Level Bronze Silver Gold
Mission 1. Fortuna 450 1100 2300
Mission 2. Katina 400 1100 2300
Mission 3. Sargasso Hideout 400 900 1500
Mission 4. Fichina 600 2000 3900
Mission 5. Asteroid Belt 400 1000 2100
Mission 6. Sauria 350 800 1600
Mission 7. Corneria 350 800 1600
Mission 8. Orbital Gate 400 1200 2100
Mission 9. Aparoid City 500 1400 2500
Mission 10. Aparoid Tunnels 250 700 1500

If all the Silver Medals are collected then the player unlocks Namco's classic game Xevious.

Ally Medals

In addition to the above medals, Ally Medals are earned by completing missions without any retreats from all three wingmates (Slippy, Falco, and Krystal). If all Ally Medals are collected, the player unlocks Wolf O'Donnell in Versus Mode. The Ally Medals are gold coins with five point stars on them.

Ally Medal

You get ally medals if all team members survive a mission.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox Zero

Medals identical to the Ally Medals in Assault appear in Star Fox Zero, where the play must use the Gyrowing's robot to explore small areas and collect them. They appear in Gold, Silver and Bronze variants.

See Also


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