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Meteo, also known as the Asteroid Field had made appearances in all the Star Fox games, with the exception of Star Fox Adventures.

Rock Crusher

The Rock Crusher.

In Star Fox, known simply as the Asteroid Field, there are two asteroid fields near Corneria, the first encountered on Route 1, and the second on Route 3. Star Fox will need to fly through the hazards and enemy ships and neutralise the enemy flagship - the Rock Crusher in Route 1, and the Blade Barrier in Route 3 - before it clears the asteroids and creates an easy invasion capable flight path for the Venom armies.

Asteroid Field

There are two asteroid fields, consisting of thousands of small planetoids, surrounding Corneria. These swarming chances of rocks form a dangerous natural barrier to invasion of the planet, as they must be carefully navigated through. However, Andross has developed a powerful new battleship, known as the Rock Crusher, which is capable of reducing planetoids to cosmic dust. It is up to the Star Fox Team to destroy these Rock Crushers before they can clear the way for Andross's main battle armada.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox 64 logo
SF64 Meteo Intro

Meteo's Intro.

Mission No 2. Meteo: Asteroid Field; Into the Asteroid Field

Vehicle: Arwing

Type: Corridor Mode

In Star Fox 64 and the 3DS rerelease, Meteo can be approached from Corneria whatever the outcome of the previous mission, but the route will automatically go straight to Meteo if the Attack Carrier wasn't fought. There are two possible outcomes of the mission, where taking the Warp Zone route results in "Mission Accompished" and the route will proceed to Katina. But if the Warp route is skipped or failed, the Meteo Crusher must be fought and the route will go only to Fichina, earning a "Mission Complete".


  • Peppy will be tailed by Venom Space Fighters after the first Flip Bots and ROB 64's Supply Container are passed. 
  • Slippy will be tailed by Flip Bots before reaching the Warp Rings.


Boss: Meteo Crusher (Easy Path)

Official Site Data

Mission Briefing

Cornerian probes have picked up enemy activity in the Meteo planetoid system. Andross has built a planetoid crusher to clear a way through the belt for his invasion fleet. If this natural defensive barrier is penetrated, Corneria will be open to attack by Andross's battleships. Pilots will need to keep a sharp eye on the floating planetoids as they fly through the system. The movement of these gigantic boulders is usually predictable, but if any of those rocks collide, it could send them careening off in wild directions. Scientific expeditions to the belt have scanned some unusual warp energy readings in the sector. These warp emissions cannot be ignored since they may be part of Andross's attack plan.

Intelligence - Finding the source of the warp emissions will take you to another dimension, where you can rack up some more points and score some bonus items!

—Star Fox

Medal Tips

Medal Score: 200 hits

Checkpoint Goal: 90 hits

The best way to get the medal in Meteo is to take the warp to Katina. To enter the warp, fly through the six warp gates to enter the warp zone. You will pick up speed after you go through each warp gate, so you will need to anticipate the positions of the warp gates and react quickly. The warp is filled with enemies and power-up items. Use bombs liberally because you can easily collect more in the warp area. When you reach clusters of items, do a loop to collect as many as possible.
—Star Fox

Star Fox Assault
SFA DR Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Belt's Damage Report.

Mission 5. Asteroid Belt; The Aparoid Menace

Mission 5. Hunt Down Pigma

Pigma's taken refuge in an asteroid belt. If you lose him here, you may never find him again. There are many aparoids in and around the asteroid belt, but you must fight your way through, capture or destroy Pigma, and recover the Core Memory.
—Mission objective

Vehicle: Arwing

Type: Corridor Mode

Medal requirements

Bronze Silver Gold
Mission 5. Asteroid Belt 400 1000 2100

Flying through the asteroid belt in the search for Pigma will require Fox to shoot down asteroids in his path, as well as Aparoids that barricade passage and tail his allies. Once the asteroid belt is passed through, Fox will come up on a space base still being constructed, which is also dominated by Aparoids. Passing through the base will lead to the boss battle.


  • Falco is tailed near the Mission starting point just after Krystal warns Fox about approaching Aparoids.
  • Krystal is tailed by Aparoids just after the homing asteroids and near the large, laser beam mounted asteroids.
  • Falco is chased again at the top of the base gate just before flying into the Venomian protoype.
  • Slippy is tailed just after passing the point where the Aparoidedation infected protoype.

Boss: Aparoid Pigma

Pigma aparoid

Pigma Dengar, fully assimilated into an Aparoid.

Similar to the Gorgon space station in Star Fox 64, Pigma's tentacles will need to be shot down before the core will open. The tentacles will first fire missiles and asteroids at Fox, giving him the chance to attack them before they attack him. Once the tentacles are destroyed, Pigma's core will open up and expose him to attack, but it will also launch more missiles before closing after a short while and releasing a devastating beam.  *The Sargasso Hideout and Beltino Orbital Gate may be stationed somewhere nearby the asteroid belt, for there are asteroids in place around those regions.

Official Site Data

Location data

Located in the Lylat System's periphery, this hazardous sector is believed to serve as a staging area for criminals.

Battle condition

Updated message from ROB advises Fox McCloud is on the trail of Pigma Dengar and is attempting to penetrate the Asteroid Belt. Visual recording data available.

Tactical data


Star Fox Assault pits you against an army of bosses, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Look for help from your team to outwit these powerful adversaries and win the battle!

Vehicle file

Name: Arwing

Description: Standard-issue spacecraft for members of Team Star Fox.

Weapons: Single plasma cannon, chargeable, with lock-on computer.

Star Fox Command

Meteo in Star Fox Command.

Missile Threat

Fox and Slippy go to the asteroid belt to get information about the enemy by Slippy's dad, Beltino Toad (or meet up with Falco). Fox tries to link up to his location to meet up with him sooner.

While going, they find out that the enemies already made it to the asteroid belt (with most of them consisting of missiles). Later, Falco arrives and helps to complete the mission. After all of the units are destroyed, Biobrain appears.

After defeting Biobrain, Beltino informs them that the anglars are building a base at the bottom of the Venom sea. He also told them about Andross's device on Titania that neutralizes the Venom sea, and that his bioweapon containing Andross's DNA holds the device. Before going, Beltino suggested that he should ask Krystal to help them out. Fox was a little stubborn to ask, but Beltino pointed out that Lylat depended on his whole team. R.O.B. will either follow Fox (Krystal, Katina) or Falco and Slippy.

The Meteorite Trap

Unable to find Falco, Fox finds that he has been ambushed by Anglar forces, so he decides to cut a path through them. Partway through the attacks, Falco finally shows up and assists. After defeating the weaker forces, the Biobrain appears and attacks, but is also defeated.

After the level is complete, Fox tells Falco that they intend on meeting up with Slippy and his fiancée on Aquas, to which Falco's response is less than subtle. Fox mentions his doubts in including Slippy against the Anglars, to which Falco seems relatively unconcerned and suggests getting Krystal's help as well. Fox explains his difficulty in the situation, but Falco tells him to pull himself together. They then leave for Aquas.

Falco's Decision

After arriving at the Asteroid Belt, Falco realizes that Star Wolf has just left and headed towards Sector X. Instead of following them outright, Falco decides to clear the area of Anglars first. Within a short amount of time, Katt Monroe shows up to help Falco vanquish the remaining ships.

With the Anglars gone from the area, Falco thanks Katt for her help, but also says that he could have managed to work fine on his own. Somewhat miffed at his comment, Katt flies off, saying she'll never help him again. R.O.B. suggests to Falco that he should reunite with Fox, but Falco still feels he should follow Star Wolf. He may choose to listen to R.O.B. (Beneath the Waves, Aquas) or to follow Star Wolf.

Star Fox 64 3D logo

Star Fox 64 3D site

  • To get to Fortuna, play through the level normally.
  • To get to Katina, fly through all the warp gates (checkpoint-like circles) shortly after saving Slippy.
Score needed for medal

200 HITS

Score Attack

Level Bronze Silver Gold
Meteo 180 200 300


S - Mission 4. Asteroid Field - Perilous Expanse; Treacheroud Course

Vehicle: Arwing


Asteroid Belt in Star Fox Zero

Type: All-Range Mode

Boss: Cosmic Dodora (Great Fox)

Meteo appears in two stages of Star Fox Zero: Asteroid Belt and Great Fox. The two different versions are both available by an alternate route. During both levels, the Great Fox must cross through the belt without losing all of its health, in which the player must prevent from happening by shooting meteorites and any enemies they encounter.

S - Mission 7. Great Fox - Assault Carrier; En-Route Anomaly

In Great Fox, the level is the same as Asteroid Belt, except a stronger form of the Monarch Dodora called the Cosmic Dodora makes an appearance as a boss; it can be defeated the same way as on Fortuna, however this time the Great Fox can damage it with its laser if it's in the line of fire.


While unnamed, the asteroid belt is a feature on the map of Star Fox 2. If fought on it, asteroids will appear as hazards in battle.