Mind the gauge in the upper-left part of the screen! The gauge shows enemy presence around the hideout. Destroy the targets, before the gauge gets full!
Peppy Hare

The Might gauge monitoring the enemy force numbers.

The Might Gauge is a gauge which monitors the enemy numbers in the space or skies in Missions 3 and 6 during Star Fox: Assault


Fox McCloud must destroy every last transfer device or Aparoid hatcher before the gauges become full. When the gauges start to rise, this indicates the arrival of enemy reinforcements, which can be reduced by Arwing or Landmaster assistance from Fox. Should the gauges become too full, the enemy forces will overwhelm the Star Fox team, resulting in mission failure.

Might Gauge

On certain stages, this gauge shows you increases and decreases in enemy numbers.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet


Sargasso Space Zone

Fox and Slippy boarded the hideout of the Sargasso Space Zone to disable the transfer gateway devices in order to continue their pursuit of Pigma Dengar. This gauge indicated how many Sargasso Battleships and Venomian fighters were dominating the space zone. By wiping out the gateways, Star Fox was successful in their capture of hideout, until the arrival of the Star Wolf proved their work to be in partial vain.


When Sauria was invaded by aparoid forces, Star Fox returned to the planet to help free the dinosaurs once again. This gauge provided indication as to how many aparoids patrolled the skies of Sauria. With the hatchers exterminated, Star Fox saved Sauria and its inhabitants for a second time.



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