Monarch Dodora is a bioweapon feared throughout the Lylat System, appearing in Star Fox, Star Fox Command and Star Fox Zero.

Physical Appearance

It is depicted as a giant twin-headed bird/dragon-like creature. It also slightly resembles King Ghidorah from the Godzilla series.

Planet V: Fortuna

Fortuna is also known as the Dinosaur Planet and is prowled by untamed and brutal creatures. Andross has fed and gained control of these brutes and plans the turn them into living weapons. The giant dragon, Monarch Dodora, is the living spirit of this planet and has powers exceeding state-of-the-art weapons. His name is feared throughout the Lylat system.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

In the games

Star Fox

The Monarch Dodora is stationed at the end of the planet Fortuna.

It is first seen resting, but immediately gets up to attacking stance when the player approaches.

It mainly hops around with its back facing the player swinging its tail around and laying giant eggs that will either explode or hatch into enemies unless the player destroys them in time.


When the player shortens the tail by firing on the glowing tip of it repeatedly, it will turn around to face the player in a charging position and breathing flames. When this happens, the player can shorten the necks of the weapon by firing at its heads.

Once both necks are shortened, any subsequent shot fired afterward damages the boss' life meter. However, after a given amount of time, the necks and tail regrow and the cycle begins again until either Monarch Dodora or the player is defeated.

Star Fox Command

In Star Fox Command for the Nintendo DS, the Monarch Dodora returns as a guardian bioweapon that the ghost of Andross unleashes on the player depending on the story path that was chosen.

In this version, Monarch Dodora appears to be made of stone and has some attacks similar to its previous appearance, however, with the addition of sticking its heads into the ground much like an ostrich and making them appear somewhere else on the battlefield.

If the player chooses to fight the Monarch Dodora as Dash Bowman, the ghost of Andross will repeatedly order its creation to stop attacking, saying things such as "This is my grandson! Stop! Stop! Call off the attack!" and "What are you trying to do to my grandson? Stop!" This implies that Andross knew Dash at a certain point in time.  Upon its destruction, Andross will express great pride on Dash, deeming him a worthy grandson.

Star Fox Zero

In Star Fox Zero for the Wii U, the Monarch Dodora returns as the boss of Fortuna. Unlike its previous incarnations, this version is more mechanical (hence its title) and can actually fly. While it still has its signature fireball attack (which it can now use to attack in any direction), the Monarch Dodora can now shoot a laser beam from its tail while in flight and create tornadoes by flapping its wings. Additionally, if the fireballs touch the central platform they will generate a pillar of flame that continues to burn for a short time.

About halfway through the battle, the Monarch Dodora generates numerous tornadoes that converge together into a single massive cyclone; to avoid being damaged, Fox must immediately fly to the platform at the center of the area and enter Walker form. Even then, the wind will be so thick that it will be impossible to see through the storm, allowing the Monarch Dodora to launch fireballs with impunity until the cyclone dissipates.

Its main weak points are its chest, back and tail (the latter of which can be blown off to disable the tail laser, though the tail eventually grows back). Once the player destroys all of its weak points, the Monarch Dodora gives out one last cry before vanishing into the clouds below and explodes.

In the Great Fox alternate stage, a similar enemy called the Cosmic Dodora makes an appearance; while the "Interstellar Mechanical Raptor" is more aggressive the Monarch Dodora and possesses more health, it initially focuses its attacks on the Great Fox to try and force a Mission Failed; however, repeatedly attacking it while it does so will cause it to change its focus to Fox instead. When this happens, ROB64 will prepare the Great Fox's main cannons. At this point, Fox must lure the Cosmic Dodora to the front of the Great Fox- by doing so, it will take a direct hit from the ship's cannons and receive heavy damage.

At one point, Slippy suggests that Falco try to talk some sense into it, although Falco refuses, mentioning that just because they're both birds doesn't mean they're likely to be friends.

Other Appearances

Star Fox Comics

The Monarch Dodora (or simply the Dodora) appears in the Star Fox comics by Benimaru Itoh. It has an expanded role in the adaptation, as Andross personally unleashes it upon the Star Fox team at the end of Act 8. However, much like the aquatic lifeforms of Sector Y, it was being mind-controlled; after the main transmitter and remote device are taken out, the Dodora proves to be too unruly for Andross, putting an end to him.

Star Fox 2

A related enemy called King Dodora was set to appear in the cancelled Star Fox 2, in the Eladard region on Hard difficulty. Given Monarch Dodora's ability to lay eggs, it's possible that it was intended to be its male counterpart.



  • The Dodora could have been inspired on the Dodo Bird, which is an extinct bird without flying abilities.
  • Its name is similar to the Todora, a floating dragon-like enemy from Star Fox Command.


  • According to its Japanese title, it is considered a cyborg.
  • The English version of both Star Fox Command and the Star Fox instruction manual misspells its name as "Monarch Dodra".
  • The Dodora also had a unique appearance in the Nintendo Power comic.

Names in Other Languages

Japan (モナークドドラ)
(サイボーグ双頭竜 Two-Headed Cyborg Dragon)


  • Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet
  • Star Fox (End Credits)
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