Andross, the main villain of the Star Fox series.

are a widely represented species of the Lylat System. Most monkeys appear to actually be apes (such as Andross himself), but are both members of the primate family and still referred as such in the Star Fox series (though monkey may be a derogatory term in the same manner as dog).

Whether or not Venom is inhabitable and inhabited by monkeys, they seem to be an important race living on the planet. In Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars), most pilots behind the boss of each level, when it's not a special or biological weapon, is a monkey. Andross himself is an ape. Therefore they seem to be present on Corneria too, as he was born on the planet and used to be a top scientist.

It may have been that the monkeys were coworkers and/or disciples of Andross who were banished with him for cooporating in his dangerous experiments, and from there joined forces with the reptiles of Venom to form Andross's army.

Known Monkeys


  • The reason why the Venomians were generally depicted as monkeys while the Cornerians were primarily depicted as dogs is due to cultural elements in Japan, the country the Star Fox series originated in: In Japan, Monkeys and Dogs were considered to be mortal enemies. This was made more explicit in Star Fox Zero, where Andross made various racist slurs against the Cornerians and General Pepper specifically due to the latter being composed of dogs (with the racist slurs being even more explicit in the Japanese version).


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