The Monkey Arrow (モンキーアロー, Monkī Arō) is Dash Bowman's personal starfighter. Although he is not a member of the Star Fox team, his fighter has a similar color scheme to the Arwing. It is equipped with a twin laser and 2 Smart Bombs, and has an 3-second boost/brake and medium shields. The targeting computer has a single lock.

Star Fox Command stats

Monkey Arrow stats
Laser: Twin
Lock: Single
Smart Bombs: ● ●
Shields: ● ● ● ● ● ●
Boost: ● ● ●
Time Bonus: ● ●

Playable In:

Corneria: Decision Time

Titania: Dash

Venom: Dash Makes a Choice

Other Info

  • Dash had seemingly scrapped the Monkey Arrow during the Star Falco ending, replacing the craft with a repainted Sky Claw.


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