Mothership (マザーシップ) was the Star Fox team's mothership and base in the unreleased Star Fox 2. This is essentially Star Fox 2's equivalent to the current Star Fox team's mothership, Great Fox.


The Mothership was carrier with twin launching bays and a centre "neck" bridge. It had the Star Fox team's name on the sides.

Role in the game

In the unreleased Super Nintendo game, Star Fox 2, the Arwings were launched from a large spacecraft known only as the Mothership. It was a carrier-ship and did not have weapon systems, so it could not enter battle. However, it could hold and repair up to six fighters. The Mothership could also warp to planets that Fox McCloud and his team had liberated from the control of Andross. It is likely that the Mothership would then be stationed in orbit around the planet.

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