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Pillars are giant, stone towers that were created by Andross to sprout out of the ground on Venom, targeting enemy starfighters.  


The pillars are composed of the rugged, rocky terrain of Venom, and will not directly appear until they detect the Arwings that pass by. Since they are part of Venom's environment and are indestructible, they are not worth any Hit points. The Pillars are very damaging, especially in Expert Mode, so the only option is to simply avoid them with the Arwing's Booster or Brakes and Barrel rolling out of the way.

Enemy Recon

Andross has transformed the planet into one, giant booby trap. Taking advantage of Venom's rugged terrain, Andross has rigged the canyons surrounding his palace with pillars of rock that will burst out of the ground if an unauthorised ship approaches. Brake and barrel-roll to avoid them.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 107


At least 22 Pillars tried to prevent the Star Fox team from reaching the temple of Golemech, but the small quick Arwings were able to dodge them.


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