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ThornTail Hollow


Star Fox Adventures


The Portal Opener or Portal Device is the penultimate Staff Upgrade for Krystal's Staff which Fox McCloud earns as a reward for protecting the Mother ThornTail's unhatched eggs from the EggSnatchers at ThornTail Hollow, during his expedition on Dinosaur Planet. Fox can use this spell to open magically closed metal doors throughout Dinosaur Planet.


  1. It is first used to open the Portal behind the Queen EarthWalker, which opens the King EarthWalker's Force Field to Walled City.
  2. Another Portal door keeps the SharpClaw Cannon at CapeClaw out of Fox's reach until he learns this upgrade.  
  3. There is one that hides a Cheat Token Well in the Ocean Force Point Temple.
  4. There is one at Krazoa Palace that also keeps a Krazoa Spirit podium hidden.
  5. The final two doors are discovered in Walled City's Sun and Moon Temples where the Sun and Moon Stones are collected, making six doors in the entire game.
Portal Device

Portal Device

Detailed Report

With the Portal Device upgrade, the Staff can be used to unlock these magical doorways.


P.D.A Scanner Information

PORTAL DEVICE - Opens Portal Doorways

Portal Device

Fox McCloud is afforded a rare honor when he's allowed to open Sun Portals. The Staff can unlock the large doors showing an icon of the yellow sun. There aren't many if them, but they are vital to completing the game. Simply walk up to once and choose the Portal Devcie from the Staff menu.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 6



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  • Star Fox Adventures

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