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Predator Rocket
Predator Rocket

Star Fox team
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Star Fox Assault


The Predator Rocket is a special kind of weapon in Star Fox Assault that appears only in Versus Mode. It can be unlocked by playing 170 Versus Mode matches.


The pods only affect the Arwing and Wolfen. Like the Sensor Bomb, they must be set on the ground. When set, the pods release a red laser into the sky that will only detect vehicular movement. In this stage, they are vulnerable to destruction by any weapon. If the pods detect movement, they can no longer be destroyed on the ground, and viciously chase the targeted vehicle and have an unlimited homing range. Once the pods begin homing onto a target, the only way the pods can be destroyed, aside from hitting their target, is if they are destroyed by a weapon from the vehicle being chased, if they hit an obstacle, or if the person being chased ejects from the vehicle. Only three pods may be set by a player at any time; if the player who has already set three pods attempts to set more, all of their pods explode.


Avoid setting in places where they can easily be destroyed by other players or in locations where they may misfire and explode.


  • This is the only weapon that affects vehicles only.
  • Strangely, this weapon even appears in Pilot-only stages, such as Zoness.

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