—Professor Hanger

Professor Hanger (プロフェッサーハンガー) is the boss of Titania in the original Star Fox.


Professor Hanger is found inside a building on Titania. Once there, the words BYE BYE!! appear on his monitor and he flees, leaving regular enemies to fight Fox. Once they are defeated, Professor Hanger shows up and fires creatures at Fox three-to-five times, activates his Shadow Thrusters, then summons more enemies and retreats, trying to recover lost damage. Professor Hanger has one of the largest health bars in the game, but this is balanced by Hanger being an easy target. Defeating Professor Hanger gives access to Sector Y.


  • Professor Hanger is one of only three characters who is not a member of Star Fox to speak in the game. The others are General Pepper and Andross. Unlike the others, he only uses text.
  • In the English manual, it is erroneously misspelled Professor Hangar. 


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