The Characteristics of ROB 64, also known as ROB The Robot, including his appearance, traits and voice actors.

Physical appearance

SFA Peppy ROB Command

ROB awaits Peppy's command.

ROB's name is a reference to the NES accessory R.O.B.(Robotic Operating Buddy), to which he bears a more than passing resemblance. ROB's  "surname" is derived from the console of his first appearance, the Nintendo 64. The letters 'NUS' are on ROB 64's chest in Adventures. This is a reference to the code used for all Nintendo 64 accessories.
  • ROB's Japanese name, "NUS", stands for "Nintendo Ultra Sixty-four," the original name of the Nintendo 64 system, and is part of the serial number of all N64 components: the controller, for example, is NUS-005. Like with his English name, the 64 is derived from the console of his first appearance.

In his debut, ROB's "head" appears only on the Communications Channel and lacks any official artwork in Star Fox 64. The fact that he was developed in conjunction with Great Fox and was hard-wired to the ship's primary computer may mean he was not a full bodied robot but an A.I. After Star Fox 64, ROB has assumed the golden, silver humanoid robotic body with mechanical limbs that allows him to move actively on the Great Fox's bridge and access various controls.

Traits and relationships

SF64 Fortuna ROB Bomb

ROB's more analytic personality.

While the nature of ROB's character restricts him from having a personality in most games, ROB still seems to show some understanding of friendship and loyalty as the Nintendo Power guide reveals that ROB considers the team his friends, especially Slippy, as he was the mechanic and remembered to frequently recharge ROB's proton packs.

In Adventures, ROB fully appears for the first time beyond the Communications Channel and has apparently been reprogrammed by Slippy to have more personality and became more mobile, but suffered from loose joints and and had to be fixed many times by Slippy. ROB also added some new oil to the team's snagging list after their salary was transferred for saving Dinosaur Planet, considering his joints were not what they used to be. When ROB accepted Krystal in the team, he could sense Fox's blood pressure rise, and said it aloud jokingly, indicating his new character.

SFA Star Fox Team

Krystal joins the team after ROB's remark about Fox's temperature rising.

When the Aparoids attacked the Lylat System, ROB returned to his characteristics seen in Star Fox 64, staying onboard the Great Fox to assist Peppy Hare. ROB made no attempts to speak unless necessary.

When the Star Fox team disbanded and Fox got a new Great Fox, ROB underwent changes to get hardwired to the new Great Fox, earning him the sarcasm chip. He was the only one not to leave the team, besides Fox, another addition to a sort of loyalty. There he tells Fox about the fuel limit, in which Fox replies that if he gets taken down then it's up to ROB, who replies with a laugh asking if that was a joke. ROB followed whoever was left onboard the Great Fox and came across Lucy Hare, who he somewhat had feelings for when he remarks that he'll do anything for her, but tells her to ignore his last comment. This sense of loyalty may be down to serving with her father Peppy and even surviving the Great Fox's destruction on the Aparoid homeworld.


Language Game Voice actor
Japanese Star Fox 64 Daisuke Sakaguchi
Japanese Star Fox: Assault Yusuke Numata
Japanese Star Fox 64 3D Atsushi Abe
English Star Fox 64 David White
English Star Fox Adventures John Silke
English Star Fox: Assault, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U (archive) Dex Manley
English Star Fox 64 3D Daniel Owsen