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Randorn is a wizard in Dinosaur Planet. He is Sabre's father and adopted Krystal. When his first-born son died in a war, he sent him to, he couldn't handle the grief and left his home and Sabre behind. As he wandered through the forests around the Wolven Tribe (Wolves), he found a camp of the hostile Vixon Tribe (Foxes) and overcame with anger, killing everyone at the camp but Krystal. The next morning, he went to look for survivors and found Krystal, realizing what he did, he adopted her and told her that he found the camp in the state it was now. He was to be a powerful wizard. Because of his power and kindness, General Scales attacks his home, Warlock Mountain, where he is met with EarthWalker warriors who were sent to protect him, it doesn't end well for the warriors. When Krystal meets General Scales, he says that he had "a nice little chat", showing that Randorn would've been a powerful and dangerous enemy to General Scales, should he have attempted to take over Dinosaur Planet.


  • When Randorn was cut from the game, Nintendo replaced him with an EarthWalker who was also hurt and sent Krystal to the first Krazoa Test. Likewise, Randorn's home, Warlock Mountain, was replaced by Krazoa Palace. You can find reused puzzles, pictures, rooms and events, that were in originally in Warlock Mountain, when you go to Krazoa Palace as Krystal near the beginning of Adventures.
  • One of his likes was a drop of Whiskey while one of his dislikes was hangovers, hinting that he might have been a regular drinker.


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