To enter the lair of the RedEye King, you must first find the two SaredTeeth. Not an easy task, as they are protected by the very life-force of the RedEye Tribe.
King EarthWalker

RedEye act as the main enemies of the Walled City in Star Fox Adventures

In the game

The RedEye Tribe will attack Fox on sight, even if he is wearing his SharpClaw Disguise, thus indicating their savage nature and lack of intelligence as if they simply see other tribes as prey. All staff attacks are useless against the RedEye, so Fox must defeat the RedEye Tribe by performing the Super Ground Quake and either using the same Staff attack again or throwing a Fuel Barrel to vanquish the beasts. If he does not perform the second blow fast enough, the toppled dinosaurs will get back up. The RedEye that are eventually killed will not respawn like most other enemies, as their defeats are neccessary to dispell the Life-Force door that guards the Gold RedEye Tooth.

Instruction Booklet Description

Flesh-eating Dinosaurs and deadly killers, the RedEye Tribe were safely under EarthWalker control until General Scales set them loose to overrun the Walled City.
—Instruction Booklet



Large, carnivorous dinosaurs that consider Fox a delicacy
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 17


Bite, tail whip
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 17


There is only one way to take out these giants. Knock them down with a Super Ground Quake, then get them with the Fire Blaster. It takes at least two of these combos to cut down the king of the carnivores. If you do not yet have the Super Ground Quake, avoid them at all costs. Their attacks not only hurt, but knock Fox down as well.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 17


  • The Battle theme of the RedEye is not unique; it is shared with another Enemy, the FireCrawler.


  • Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide. Games/Adventure. Platform: Nintendo GameCube,™

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