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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Just so ya know, Falco uses a Blaster and Reflector that I designed, just like Fox does. But Falco will kick his Reflector and send it flyin' around. Just showin' off, if you ask me.
—Slippy Toad

The Reflector is a special device used by Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, and Wolf O'Donnell in the Super Smash Bros. Series. Its actual appearance wasn't revealed until Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where Fox shows it before using it. Before, it was thought that Fox and Falco generated it using some mystical force. The reflector's general purpose is to reflect projectiles back at the opponent, however it will not protect the user against close combat attacks.

Fox's Reflector

Fox Reflector

Fox's Reflector.

When used, Fox creates a blue, hexagonal shield which deflects any projectile from any angle, with the exception of Final Smashes (and water shots from Blastoise in the first two games). It can also be used to damage enemies in close proximity to the user when activated, sending them downwards. Fox can hold it for unlimited time, and also delays his fall if used in midair. In Super Smash Bros, it is strong enough to reflect an Arwings laser fire, which can become a useful attack if any players are caught in the crossfire. If any projectiles are bounced back and forth between two players at once, it will continue until the first recievers sheild backfires.

Falco's Reflector

Falco Reflector

Falco's Reflector.

Falco's Reflector is used the same way as Fox's in Super Smash Bros. Melee, except it dealt more damage and had more knockback upon collision with another opponent (and sends that opponent upwards). In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Falco kicks his reflector, and it is activated by hitting it. It was personalized to Falco's standards and comes back to him like Link and Toon Link's Boomerang (makes the opponent to slip most of times it hits him/her). The shield will entirely protect the front of him for the duration of the toss, but not his backside. According to Slippy when contacting Snake via Codec, his kicking the reflector was a personalized aspect in an attempt to show off.

Wolf's Reflector

Wolf's Reflector

Wolf's Reflector.

Wolf's Reflector is very different from Fox's or Falco's. Wolf's Reflector device is on his back instead of on his belt. When used by Wolf, he creates a pink, elliptical shield, instead of a blue, hexagonal one. Wolf's Reflector does not protect him from above or below, however, it reflects any projectile with twice the speed compared to Falco and Fox's Reflectors. If he is hit from those angles, the Reflector will fall off of his back and Wolf will take damage. The device will be able to be consumed by any ongoer to recover damage. It also grants invincibility frames in the very first second.

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Trivia and Origins

  • The reflector shares some properties with the Barrel Roll technique used by the Arwing, seeing as they can both deflect projectile attacks but not head on collisions.
    • The idea of a force field that returns attacks may have also come from the Meteo Crusher's combat abilities.
  • The 1-Up item in Star Fox: Assault is the exact same size and shape of the reflector device, only different colored.
  • The blue, hexagonal shield that Fox and Falco create is similar to the shape of the hexagonal gold and silver rings in Star Fox 64, the reason for this is unknown.
  • The reflector also resembles the sign for the Nintendo Gamecube.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the reflector can even repel the Great Fox's lasers.

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