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Rocket Boost
Battle Information
Attack Power


Battle Effect


Purpose Description

Launched into the air to ledges

Magic Meter Depletion


Chronological and Area Information

ThornTail Hollow (Ancient Well)


Star Fox Adventures

This is the STAFF ROCKET BOOST. Look out for special boost pads on the ground. They are used to give your Staff extra rocket power to lift you off the ground and onto ledges above!
—Magic Cave's description

The Rocket Boost or Staff Rocket Boost is the second Staff Upgrade Fox McCloud obtains in Star Fox Adventures.


Rocket Boost

Rocket Boost

Detailed Report

Lock the Staff into a boost pad and hold down A to blast into the air!.


Staff Rocket Boost

Next on the list of excellent upgrades is the Rocket Boost. In combination with Rocket Boost Pads, it propels you to him ledges. Step up to a Rocket Boost Pad, select the boost icon in your inventory, and then hold [A]. The Staff charges up and then launches, flinging Fox to the upper level.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 6

It gives Fox the ability to boost himself straight upwards with the Krystal's Staff to reach high ledges. Unfortunately, this can only be used in unison with Rocket Boost Pads, which are located on the ground in predetermined places around Sauria. This makes this ability much less versatile than many other Staff Upgrades. Like most Staff Upgrades, using the Rocket Boost also depletes Fox's Staff Energy Meter. The Meter can be refilled by collecting Staff Energy Gems, usually dropped by Magic Plants. Along with all other Staff Upgrades, it can also be assigned to the Y Button.


Fox obtains the Rocket Boost in the of the Ancient Well in ThornTail Hollow. He has to plant a Bomb Spore into a Bomb Spore Planting Patch, and then blow up the Bomb Spore Plant in order to reveal the entrance to a cave, where the Rocket Boost lies.



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