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This is a ROCKET BOOST PAD. Use the Staff Boost Upgrade in your C Inventory when next this pad to boost up to the ledge above!
—Game's description  

Rocket Boost Pads are small yellow square-shaped pads on the ground with a small hole in the center located all over Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures.


Fox examines his first Rocket Boost Pad.


The Rocket Boost Staff Upgrade cannot be used without them. Fox McCloud can use them to propel himself to otherwise unreachable heights by tucking the Krystal's Staff into one, and then letting the boost do the lifting. This is extremely useful for getting to places in a hurry. The technique will not work if the Staff's magic meter is near empty, therefore the collection of energy meter upgrades are recommended for more constant use.

Rocket Boost Pad (various)

These helpful little spots pop up all over Dinosaur Planet. When you get the Rocket Boost Upgrade for the Staff you can launch Fox up to high ledges with the aid of these pads. They can be hidden away in tall grass or under crates, so if you see a ledge that looks promising, search around for a Rocket Boost Pad to help you up there.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 9

P.D.A Scanner Information

BOOST PAD - Insert Staff for rocket boost!


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