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RedEye statue locks to the King RedEyes lair.

To enter the lair of the RedEye King, you must first find the two Sacred Teeth. Not an easy task, as they are protected by the very life-force of the RedEye tribe.
—King EarthWalker

The twin Sacred RedEye Teeth are important collectable items found in Star Fox Adventures on Walled City. The Sacred Teeth acted as keys to the locks on the RedEye statues which stand guard, securing the King RedEye and his tribe under Walled City's main temple, constantly guarded by the EarthWalker tribe.


During the Saurian War, General Scales and the SharpClaw tribe assisted the RedEye in their escape, and captured the King EarthWalker, sealing him in the same prison the King RedEye was held. The RedEye soldiers attacked their captors in revenge and occupied the City until Fox McCloud and Prince Tricky arrived to end this disaster.

  • The Silver RedEye Tooth is collected by activating Fire Blaster switches hidden in the trees surrounding the city and then completing the river ring race challenge. It is held in a cell at the waterfall pool.
  • The Gold RedEye Tooth is collected by learning the Super Ground Quake and deafeating all four roaming RedEye and located at the top of the mountain temple. It is guarded by a Life-Force Door, meaning it can only be collected after the RedEye tribe have been vanquished.

When Fox returned the two Sacred Teeth, he was able to challenge the King RedEye and take back the third SpellStone, however he returned later during his expedition to return the Sun and Moon Stones to the same satues in order to collect a Krazoa Spirit.

Fox later found the Gold RedEye Tooth, representing Walled City in the Test of Knowledge.


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