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The ship first appeared in the formerly cancelled Star Fox 2, while reappearing in Star Fox Zero as the Salvadora, a powerful dreadnaught battleship. The ship eventually reappeared in the 2017 release of Star Fox 2 as Cannon Betrayers.


The Salvadora in the game.

In Sector α, the Star Fox Team manage to take out Andross's Fleet along with the flagship while defending the small portion of the Cornerian Fleet.

The multiple Salvadoras appears in Sector β in the desolate surprise attack along with the horde of Harlock-class Frigates and Dorisby-class Battleships.

Salvadora appears on Titania's hidden path after using the Gravmaster. A portal similar to the one from the space colony appears shortly after finding out Peppy's perfectly fine. After noticing the portal, both Peppy and Fox fly in to investigate. They warp elsewhere, and because Fox's Gravmaster was not suitable for space combat, Peppy volunteers to take down the enemy ship ahead in Fox's stead.

The captain of the ship proceeds to scoff at there only being one ship to challenge them, and proceed to arrogantly challenge Peppy.

Phase 1: Defeat the Superdreadnought (time limit: five minutes)

All the player needs to do is take out the 14 double-barreled turrets to defeat the boss. However, it requires that the player evade both the fire from the three Dorisby-class battleships and the various fighters, not to mention the fire from the turrets covering the Salvadora itself.

Upon destroying all 14 turrets, the captain, as the superdreadnought is preparing to detonate from the sustained damage, simply expresses disbelief that one ship could take his own superdreadnought down. Peppy, as he flies away, then tells the captain that it's unwise to underestimate Star Fox as the doomed ship explodes. Fox then arrives and guesses Peppy didn't need his help after all.

Fire the Planet Cannon!
Andross, Star Fox 2
Cannon Betrayer

The Planet Cannon in Star Fox 2.

What appeared to be presumably an early development of the Salvadora, called the Cannon Betrayer and referred to as Battle Carriers by General Pepper and Andross was a gigantic battlecruiser used by Andross in Star Fox 2. It was designed to ferry reinforcements into battle and also was capable of destroying Corneria using a one forward Anti-planet Laser Cannon, and was accompanied by an indeterminable number of fighter squadrons. Direct laser fire by starfighters cannot damage it. The only way to bring down this massive behemoth is to take out the core.