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Sargasso Battleships were heavy assault ships used by the ruffians of the Sargasso Hideout.


Vaguely resembling Venomian Battlecruisers, these ships were situated in the Sargasso Space Zone. Their purpose was to defend the hideout if attacked.


During the Aparoid Invasion, the Star Fox team came to the hideout looking for Pigma Dengar, who had stolen a Core Memory, and might be hiding at the hideout. The Ruffians of the hideout denied ever letting him in, and decided to attack the team for trespassing. While Fox and Slippy took out the transfer gateways on the inside of the hideout, Krystal and Falco battled in space, where they faced these giant cruisers, which deposited several Venomian fighters and Venomian Interceptors. They were all eventually destroyed though, which prevented the ruffians from taking a foothold in space. They were later assisted by the arrival of Star Wolf.

Oikonny's army
Andrew Oikonny
Venomian | Ruffian
Starfighter Units
Venomian Fighter | Venomian Heavy Fighter | Venomian Interceptor | Venomian Stealth Bomber
Ground Units
Venomian Assault Mech | Venomian Heavy Assault Mech | Venomian Light Tank | Venomian Heavy Tank
Transfer gateway
Oikonny's flagship | Venomian Battlecruiser | Venomian Carrier | Sargasso Battleship
Andross's army | Star Wolf
Established Bases
Fortuna | Sargasso Hideout

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