Hence the name, the massive vessel's appearance is like that of most depictions of alien space craft or Unidentified Flying Objects, which are usually large flying saucers.

In the game

Star Fox 64/3D

Saucerer is encountered by the Star Fox Team when they come to the aid of the beleaguered Cornerian Defense Force on Katina. Bill will make an alert when the mothership will arrive on the field after 10 Hit points have been made. It will then cloud over the base, deploy it's fighters and circle the base until it's core weapon is ready to charge or the four hatches are destroyed. In order to defeat the Saucerer, the player has to destroy the 4 hatches on the ship's underside. Fly underneath Saucerer and use your laser to shoot away the hatches. Saucerer's hatches aren't open all the time. Bill, will radio you when the bay doors are open. This is helped by him saying: "The hatches are open!" When all 4 are down, the core will appear. Fox has 60 seconds to destroy it, or it will destroy the base. If the player takes too long to destroy the hatches, the Core will eventually expose itself. If you have Smart Bombs, apply your brakes and launch all of them at the Core.

Enemy Recon

It's rumoured that Andross stole the plans for Saucerer from an alien civilisation that lives far beyond the Lylat system. The Saucerer is a fortified assault craft designed for invasions. It carries several hundred fighters and is armed with a powerful Core weapon. Once fully energised, the Core weapon can discharge enough energy to vapourize any city in the galaxy.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 69

The Core

The Core is Saucerer's central power plant and main weapon. It takes sixty seconds for the Core to energise over a target. During this charging time, the Core is completely vulnerable to attack.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 69

The Hatches

Enemy fighters launch from four hangar bays, which are called "hatches" by Corneria's seasoned pilots. Destroying the hatches will stop the air assault on the base.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 69

Medal Tips

Try to shoot down as many enemy ships as you can before the mother ship arrives. Although you won't get points for them, shooting down ships from the Bulldog squadron won't affect your chances of getting a medal. When the mother ship arrives, destroy the hatches but leave the core until the last possible second. Spend as much time as you can destroying enemy fighters. Lock on to enemy targets as much as possible because you can get bonus hits that way. Even though it seems like there are many targets here, this can be a difficult mission to earn a medal in.
—Star Fox


When Bill says "The Hatches are open!" that's your cue to attack the hatches on the underside of the mother ship. Destroy the mother ship to continue on to Solar.
—Star Fox


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