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A Scarab.

Scarabs tend to live in dark damp places.

A Scarab is the monetary unit of planet Sauria in Star Fox Adventures


Scarabs are used to buy things from the ThornTail Store, but they are also needed to open new paths by paying the two BribeClaws and the mysterious Scarab-shaped post before the entrance to CapeClaw in LightFoot Village. They are also used to buy Cheat Tokens and are apparently edible.


They are in fact living beetles mostly found under boulders although sometimes are located in small, wooden containers. They come in three colors, which also represent their value. Every green one is worth one Scarab, the red ones are worth five and the orange ones are worth ten Scarabs each. It's sometimes hard to distinguish the two latter ones for their similar appearance, but their escape speed reveals their value: Greens are very sluggish, while orange ones are almost hard to catch. Fox McCloud can initially carry ten Scarabs, but the amount rises as he obtains Scarab Bags.

There are also purple Scarabs, which only appear when Fox gambles with the ShopKeeper in ThornTail Store's Scarab Room; these have no monentary worth and are in fact a penalty item that will cause Fox to lose the gamble if he touches one. There are always the same number of purple Scarabs as real ones based on the initial wager, making them harder to avoid when Fox gambles higher.



  • Sometimes more than one Scarab falls in the exact same place, making it look like if there were 2, 3, or more worth Scarabs.
  • Despite being described as the currency of Sauria, Scarabs in Star Fox Adventures are used almost exclusively by SharpClaws. (Assuming the ShopKeeper is/was one)
  • With their round bodes and four legs, Saurian Scarabs greatly resemble the Iridescent Flint Beetle from the Pikmin games.

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