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Self-Destruct Program
SFA Self-Destruct Beltino Slippy

Beltino Toad
Federation Scientists


Explosive Virus

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Blue, Yellow

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Star Fox: Assault

In orbit above Corneria is an orbital gate. At the present time, federation scientists are rushing to finish a weapon that will tilt the scales of the war in their favor, an anti-aparoid program bomb. Do whatever it takes to protect the gate from the aparoid invasion until the weapon developement is finished.
—Mission 8 objective

The self-destruct program or anti aparoid program bomb is an experimental program "bomb" developed by Beltino Toad of the planet Corneria in an attempt to stop the Aparoid Invasion. The only time the self-destruct program appears is in Star Fox: Assault. When fired from Fox's Arwing, it resembles a blue/yellow capsule.


Discovering that the aparoids are vulnerable to apoptosis from a Core Memory recovered from a deceased specimen, Beltino sets to work on this weakness. Above Corneria, on the orbital gate, he and his team of scientists create the bomb, to be used on the aparoid queen, the leader of the aparoids. This weapon is entrusted to the Star Fox team who lead what remained of the Cornerian Defense Force to the aparoid homeworld. Fox launches the program into the aparoid queen, but it is able to suppress it and leaves to create an antibody. Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Krystal follow it through the tunnel and defeat it, causing the self-destruct program to activate, destroying her, all the aparoid race, and their homeworld, and peace is restored to the Lylat System.

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