Sentinels are robotic security units present on Dinosaur Planet under the leadership of General Scales.


Sentinels are hovering robots with built in laser cannons and forcefields.



Flying robots with protective Force Fields and big guns
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 17


Energy Cannon
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 17


Find a way to disable their shields, and then hit them with four successive Fire Blaster shots.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 17


Plight of Sauria

During the Saurian War, General Scales led the SharpClaw Tribe in an all out attack on the planet, using means of higher advanced technology to overpower the other tribes.

On Dragon Rock and Krazoa Palace, sentry bots, known as Sentinels were on patrol, this time guarded with Force Fields and Blasters. After rescuing the EarthWalker, Fox was able to find and destroy the shield generators, rendering the sentry bots vulnerable to the Fire Blaster. This made the HighTop's travel across the plain easier, for the Sentinel-class sentry bots could no longer make an easy target out of him.



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