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This is dangerous ground, Fox! The Walled City was built to hold the flesh eating RedEye and ShadowHunter tribes, to make sure they do not eat the other dinosaurs. General Scales has imprisioned Tricky's father, the King EarthWalker within its walls. You must rescue the King and find that SpellStone. But hurry Fox, those nasty beasts are mighty hungry! Peppy out…
—Peppy Hare (unused briefing)

The ShadowHunters are mysterious creatures that only appeared during the Test of Fear in Star Fox Adventures


ShadowHunters are not based off any particular dinosaur species, but they do strongly resemble the popular versions of Velociraptors as seen in the Jurassic Park franchise, but because they lack of the sickleshaped claw characteristic found in predatory Dromaeosauridae raptor dinosaurs, this family suggests even a possible combination with other herbivorous or omnivorous theropods, such as Struthiomimus. Their physical appearance consists of powerful legs and long necks similar to those of the HighTop tribe. They boast a high top speed and equally long leap. The in-game ShadowHunters communicate with each other using Lion like roars and grunts, meaning they do not seem to speak Dino.

In the game

Star Fox Adventures Test of Fear01:51

Star Fox Adventures Test of Fear

Gameplay of the Test of Fear

When taking part in the Test of Fear, ShadowHunters will leap out from the watery mirror and dash around the pillars, making intimidating roars while leaping at Fox, causing the meter to rapidly dash to one side. After Fox avoids several leaps, the ShadowHunters will eventually fall down and not move again, leaving a ghostly spectre resembling General Scales to pick up Fox and roar at him, while Andross appears to be observing from a distance.


  • Peppy Hare states in an unused briefing for Walled City that the EarthWalkers built the temples for the purpose of keeping the RedEye and ShadowHunter tribes under control, due to their deadly and carnivorous nature. The name likely applies to this otherwise-unnamed race, although in the final game they may be illusions and are not related to the Walled City.

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