The Sharpclaw Speeder is a vehicle used in Star Fox Adventures by the SharpClaw tribe and Fox McCloud.


This is a one person vehicle that has unlimited fuel, except at CloudRunner Fortress. Also, when in use, Fox has unlimited heath. To accelerate the player must press and hold the A botton. To brake the player must press and hold the B botton. SharpClaw opponents will also drop mines to try and slow the player down. Simply driving into the enemies repeatedly will defeat them.

P.D.A Scanner Information

SHARPCLAW RACER- Get on and race


This vehicle was used by Fox at Ice Mountain and DarkIce Mines in his search for Prince Tricky  and taking back a Water SpellStone at CloudRunner Fortress.



  • After winning the race at Ice Mountain, Fox can go back and race again for no gain or loss.

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