The Shogun Warriors look very much like the regular troopers seen throughout the Sector Y campaign, except for the unique colouring, and they are impossible to get a lock-on because of their speed.

Enemy Recon

Before you duel with the Shogun warlord, you must first defeat a pair of Shogun warriors. The robotic duo, which is worth a total of eight hit points, bullishly charges you and assails you with pistol fire. The warlords's combat tactics are similar, but its strong armor, protective shield and agile manoeuvres make it a far fiercer foe.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 65

Medal Tips

The fighters in this mission will usually attack in formation. Lock on and blast them. There are two places where the course forks. In both cases, take the upper path since you can get a few extra enemies that way. Defeat the final lieutenants as quickly as possible for more bonus hits. It's easy to keep up with them by using the high energy turn (down on the Control Stick plus Down C).
—Star Fox


Geez! Quit movin' around!
Falco Lombardi

The Shogun Warriors are identical to the troopers seen throughout the level, the main difference is that they are colour coded in Gold and Blue. They are encountered at the end of the level and serve as a mini-boss just before the battle with the Shogun. Each armed with a laser pistol (and sometimes a shield), and a jet pack which allows them to make great bursts of speed and dodge the combat computer so it's impossible to lock-on.

At the beginning of the battle, the Shogun Warriors stick together before they split up, darting around the All-Range stage taking potshots at the Arwings. They can be hard to see because of the low lighting and even harder to shoot because of their speed, but once they stop moving and are within the player's sights, their armor proves no match for for the Arwing's Laser when fired rapidly. Warriors with shields can be defeated by removing the shield by firing at it until it breaks. When you fire at the Shogun warriors head on, they usually retaliate by charging, so be prepared to swerve. After you beat both warriors, the Saruzin battleship will launch the warlord to spar with you.


  • Each yields a Hit+3 when defeated. But if a wing mate shoots them down first, the hit points are denied.

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