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Sidekick Command
Battle Information
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Tricky Meter Depletion

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Star Fox Adventures

Sidekick Commands are Commands that Tricky learns and uses in Star Fox Adventures. In order to use one, Tricky first has to learn it and only then Fox McCloud can assign him the Commands. It is good to note that Tricky will not take Commands from Fox if he is hungry, i.e. his Tricky Energy meter is empty. Fox will have to feed him Blue GrubTub Fungi before he agrees to cooperate again.

The Five Commands

These Commands can be used to do many different tasks, such as attacking enemies, digging in round dirt patches, and turning on campfires. Tricky will usually tell Fox when to use them by a question mark atop his head. Only Flame and Find commands deplete the Tricky Energy meter. Like most other things in the C-Stick Inventory, all five commands can be assigned to the Y Button. The last command is optional but must be aquired by buying back Tricky's Ball from the ThornTail store. The Play Command will cause Fox to play a game of fetch with Tricky (overtime this does nothing but change his colour scheme).

Sidekick Command

Sidekick Command

Detailed Report

Stay: With this command, Tricky will stay put when you tell him.
Flame: The power of fire is very important to Dinosaur Planet. Many devices require fire before they work.
Find:With this command, Tricky can use his extra senses to find many things that you cannot. He will dig tunnels and uncover secrets!
Heel: Use this command to call Tricky back to you at any time.
Play: Have hours of fun playing ball with Tricky. You throw the ball and he'll go get it! Keep playing and maybe you'll discover a cool secret…



  • Other characters on Sauria seem to know about the usage of Sidekick Commands, for instance, Tricky only learns his Flame Command at the suggestion of the wounded SnowHorn. While Fox will give the same Command to his CloudRunner rescuer at LightFoot Village against his LightFoot attackers.

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