Slippy's son is the son of Slippy Toad in the Star Fox Command, and the grandson of Beltino Toad. Presumably, he is also the son of Amanda.


Slippy's son (along with Peppy's granddaughter) joined the next generation of Star Fox, which was headed by Marcus. They eventually enlisted the legendary ace-pilot Falco Lombardi as their senior advisor.

In another ending depicting Slippy settling down with Amanda, Slippy is shown to have at least six children; however, one of them appears to be the orange one who shows up in this particular ending. It is unknown if these outcomes are related or if Slippy's son even exists in this alternate storyline.


Slippy's uncle and Beltino's brother, Grippy Toad shares a similar orange skin tone with Slippy's son.

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