Small Missiles are small, sharp pointed missiles that were manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth and utilized by the Venomian fleet massed at Sector Y during the Lylat Wars.


Hence the name, small missiles are small, very fast and very powerful missiles that spearhead in a rotating speed towards Cornerian forces. They are not as powerful as a Copperhead missile or Ninjin Missiles, but they are very fast enough to dodge the combat computer, making locking onto them impossible. Using well aimed, non-locked-on charged laser bolts can destroy a swarm of missiles and rack up a high count in bonus Hit points.

Enemy Recon

The battleships spray the combat zone with piercing torpedoes that home in on your Arwing. The small missiles usually blaze at you in large clusters, so be ready to dodge their sweeping, explosive swath. You can't lock onto them, but if you're a sharp shooter, you can destroy them with charged laser fire or bombs.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 61


During the battle in Sector Y, the small missiles were launched out of Grazan-class Carriers and dropped onto General Pepper's ships like rocks in a heavy meteor shower.


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