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  • Despite the events of the Aparoid invasion occuring in the stage, Krystal, Star Wolf, Beltino and the Dog soldiers do not appear.
  • ROB 64's line in the second Smash Taunt on Orbital Gate Assault is the exact line that ROB says when a new missile appears in Star Fox: Assault.
  • Slippy acknowledges the players/NPCs as their new friends in opposite to the Brawl taunts when the Star Fox characters considered joining the fighting against them.

Orbital Gate Assault Taunts

Smash Bros Wii U All Star Fox Conversations in Orbital Gate Assault (Smash Taunt Easter Egg)04:01

Smash Bros Wii U All Star Fox Conversations in Orbital Gate Assault (Smash Taunt Easter Egg)

Taunt 1

  • Falco: Peppy, come in.
  • Peppy: What's the matter? Molting again?
  • Falco: Very Funny. You've got hitchhikers on the Great Fox.
  • Peppy: Huh? What? Fighters!?
  • Falco: Looks like they're trying to smash up your hull.
  • Fox: Let's focus on the mission guys. If that missile hits the gate, it's all over.
  • Falco: Hold it! They just jumped on the missile!
  • Peppy: What?!
  • Slippy: So... can I still blow it up?
  • Peppy: This is kinda fun. Anybody get some popcorn?
  • Fox: We don't have time to goof off!
  • Falco: Let's just take it out!
  • Slippy: The missile's about to hit the gate!
  • Peppy: How can they fight each other at a time like this?
  • Falco: Whatever. I'm wasting that thing.
  • Slippy: Go, go, go!
  • Falco: Whoa... They survived.
  • Fox: By jumping on my ship!
  • Peppy: Guess we're giving free rides!
  • Slippy: They better not step on my G-Diffuser!
  • Fox: Ngh...!
  • Peppy: Heads up, boys! Missile incoming. Port side.
  • Falco: Looks like this one is coming in hot.
  • Slippy: I bet they'll jump on this one too!
  • Falco: Can't blame 'em. Fighting on a missile would be a blast.
  • Slippy: The missile's approaching the gate!
  • Fox: Attack formation! Target the fighters! I mean the missile!
  • Falco: Why don't you just admit it, Fox--you want to join that fight down there, don't you?
  • Fox: That's not it at all! Now! Fire! FIRE! Target destroyed! Mini missiles! Watch out!
  • Slippy: What'll happen if they hit our new friends?
  • Peppy: Why don't you fly near a missile and find out?
  • Slippy: I'd... Rather not. Waah!
  • Falco: Come on. It just grazed you.
  • Fox: We're headed home, team. Fox out!
  • Peppy: Let's call it a day.

Taunt 2

  • Peppy: Protect the gate until the Aparoid self-destruct program is complete.
  • Slippy: If we can't get their program to their homeworld, we're done for!
  • Fox: Let's destroy that missile first!
  • Peppy: Not time to show off. Pull up alongside me and attach that beacon!
  • Fox: Peppy, get the Great Fox out of here!
  • Peppy: I'm on it!
  • Falco: Man, these bugs are getting on my nerves.
  • Slippy: Beacon attached!
  • Fox: Let's take out some Aparoids while we close in on that missile. We can't risk hitting the warhead. Let's attack it from the side!
  • Falco: Scared of a little challenge, Fox?
  • Slippy: The Missile's accelerating. It's gonna hit the gate!
  • Peppy: Not quite! The gate's energy shield should protect it!
  • Falco: But it won't hold up for long.
  • Fox: This is it! Fire! Target destroyed.
  • Falco: That was a close call!
  • ROB 64: Missile approaching. it is targeting the gate.
  • Peppy: Port side. It's real close.
  • Slippy: Another Missile!? I'll attach a beacon!
  • Fox: Counterattack. All together now!
  • Falco: Sure would be nice if we could do a U-turn here.
  • Slippy: Missile impact in 3, 2, 1... Impact!
  • Peppy: Will the shield hold?!
  • Falco: It will on my watch.
  • Fox: Now! Fire!
  • Falco: Piece of cake.
  • Slippy: Mini missiles incoming! They are on my tail!
  • Peppy: Don't panic now. Hold formation!
  • Falco: Any missiles you manage to shake off might hit one of us... or the gate.
  • Slippy: Waah!
  • Falco: Those things can do serious damage if they hit you.
  • Fox: Returning to the Great Fox.
  • Peppy: Well boys. It wasn't pretty, but we made it.

Palutena's Guidance

In the Wii U version, on the stage Palutena's Temple, Pit has a Smash Taunt where he can converse with Palutena and Viridi (and on one occasion, Chrom) about the other fighters. These conversations frequently break the fourth wall.

Fox McCloud

  • Pit: Got any tips for fighting Fox?
  • Palutena: Fox McCloud is the leader of the mercenary flight team Star Fox. His trademark is incredible speed.
  • Pit (as General Pepper): It's about time you showed up, Fox!
  • Viridi: That was a terrible General Pepper, Pit.
  • Palutena: You should be wary of his Blaster too.
  • Pit (as Peppy Hare): Everybody, stay alert!
  • Palutena: Focus, Pit. You might think Fox's Blaster doesn't hurt all that much and ignore it, but you'll soon find you've taken lots of damage.
  • Pit (normal): Sorry-I'm back. Ok, I'll just reflect his shots with my Guardian Orbitars!
  • Palutena: I figured you'd say that.
  • Pit: Huh? Is that...not what I should do?
  • Palutena: Like I said, he's quick on his feet, so there's no telling when he'll suddenly rush in and grab you. You've got to watch your back constantly when Fox is around.
Note: The quotes said by Pit are all quotes said by General Pepper and Peppy Hare in the Star Fox series. The last quote, the one said by Peppy, is especially infamous among gamers.

Falco Lombardi

  • Palutena: Do you know who this is, Pit?
  • Pit: Falco Lombardi! Ace pilot on the Star Fox team! Great jumper!
  • Palutena: ...Exactly. Captain Falcon's already got the falcon motif. Falco looks more like a pheasant to me.
  • Pit: Mmm, sounds delicious.
  • Viridi: If I were you, I'd keep your voice down. If he hears you, he'll make you eat his boots.
  • Palutena: Falco used to be the leader of a galactic gang, so you can expect him to be good in a fight.
  • Pit: I'm starting to freak out here. I mean, this guy is famous throughout the entire galaxy!
  • Palutena: Watch out for long-range attacks, like his Reflector shot and Blaster.
  • Viridi: You'll see he's quick on the draw.
Note: Palutena's comment about Falco looking like a pheasant is correct, as Falco has been confirmed to be a pheasant by the creator of Star Fox.

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