Fox buys the SnowHorn Artifact.

I don't believe it! This item was stolen from me many years ago. I believe it was around the same time...that a strange floating dinosaur visited the Wastes.
—Old SnowHorn

The SnowHorn Artifact is an item in Star Fox Adventures.


It looks like a golden Alpine Root without the horizontal stripes. Fox can buy it in ThornTail Store for the default price of 130 Scarabs. It has to be given to an old SnowHorn in SnowHorn Wastes, who calls it the Gold Root.


After getting it back, he tells a story how the artifact was stolen years ago, presumably by the ShopKeeper. Then the old SnowHorn gives Fox a chance to prove himself in return. A pad appears from below Fox, and after blowing the Dinosaur Horn on it, a race begins. Fox has to blow the horn on each pad to win access to a Krazoa Shrine.


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