Solar Prominences are waves of volcanic gases that spiral on the cool spots of the surface of the planet Solar.


The searing heat from these expanding arcs of incandescent gases can eat up your Arwing's shields, so fly above or under each prominence. When taking the low road, remember to pull away from the surface as quickly as possible to avoid depleting your shields. If a collision is inevitable, launch and detonate a Smart Bomb in front of you to break apart the fiery gases. Because they are part of Solar's environment and not Andross's Empire, they are not worth any Hit points.

Enemy Recon

Solar Prominences are arches of incandescent gases that loop between the sunspots on Solar's surface. Prominences can spring up suddenly in front of your shields, giving you very little time to react with evasive measures. Your lasers have no effect on Solar Prominences, but the explosive blast from a Smart Bomb still evaporate the gases. Use your bombs wisely, since Prominences vastly outnumber your ordnance capacity.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 71


At least 26 Prominences were sighted during the battle on Solar.



  • For some reason, should the player shoot charged laser bolts near the base of a prominence, they may receive a bonus Hit point.


NINTENDO POWER Star Fox 64: Official Nintendo Player's Guide. Redmond, WA, Nintendo of America. 1997.

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