Try a somersault!
—Peppy Hare

The Somersault is a move that can be performed in the Star Fox series. As opposed to the U-Turn, the Somersault is a full 360° loop that returns the ship to the starting position. The correct term for this move is the "Kulbit". This move can be performed at any point that the player is in an Arwing and is used to confuse or avoid enemies that are your tail. It's worth noting that this uses a sizable amount of the ship's Boost and Brake Gauge and should be used sparingly.

In the games

Star Fox

In the original Star Fox, the Somersault technique cannot be performed.

Star Fox 64

In Star Fox 64, a Somersault can be performed by pressing C-Stick left and analogue stick down. When doing the Somersault while Wolf O'Donnell is tailing you, he gets disoriented. Hence the line "What the heck?!".

Star Fox: Assault

In Star Fox: Assault, a Somersault can be performed by pressing C-Stick upwards.

When performing a wing ride in the multiplayer mode, if a player stands on the nose of the Arwing while it performs a Somersault, they will be flung very high into the air and will land on the ship again.

Star Fox Command

In Star Fox Command, a Somersault can be performed by tapping the "Loop" button on the touch screen.

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