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SF2 Space Blade Screenshot
The Space Blade is an enemy character appearing in Star Fox 2.


The Space Blade is a possible upgrade to the Blade Barrier from the original Star Fox. In battle, it will move slowly and generally keep it's distance, launching large spiked balls that will home in on your location. These appear on the radar and can be disorientating, but you can shoot them down with your blasters. It has six launchers from which it fires the spiked balls which must be first be destroyed, but the spinning blades can block your shots, much like the original Blade Barrier. When it spins the blades horizontally, it moves much faster and it's usually best to boost past it and turn to face it once it slows down. Once the launchers are destroyed however, it becomes much more aggressive, moving rapidly and launching a near constant stream of spiked balls from it's middle section. This leaves the center vulnerable as it opens to attack though, so fire at it to quickly finish it off.

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