The Splitter was a weapon used by the Anglar Army. It led the attack on Corneria. It only appeared in one path when Lucy, Krystal, Katt, Amanda and ROB attempt to recapture Corneria. It is piloted by 2 unnamed Anglar Pilots. It is then destroyed by Lucy and her group.

In battle

The Splitter is divided into three sections. The two body sections fire pink laser beams at the ground, which causes pink laser blasts to ricochet off the ground towards the player, which can be dodged or deflected with a barrel roll. The rear two sections have a weak spot at the back, which must be shot to cause damage. Once the two rear sections have been removed, the front cockpit section will fire pink laser blasts in a spiral pattern at the player from the back. The cockpit section can be shot from any direction to cause damage, even though there is a weak spot on the back of the cockpit section.


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