Spyborg's role in the games.


The robot itself resembles the top half of a R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy). Evidence for this is backed up by its Japanese name: "HVC-09" which is similar to the Nintendo serial code "HVC-12", the serial code for R.O.B.

  • Coincidentally, Spyborg's head is shaped like a Nintendo 64.

Enemy Recon

This mechanical monstrosity is the result of a weapons project gone awry. Andross had hoped to use it against Coneria, but a malfunction in its artificial intelligence program has made it uncontrollable. It destroyed Andross's research base here in Sector X, and now it's gunning for you! It seems obsessed with finding its creator, but maybe you can give it something else to worry about!
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 49


In the first phase, shoot at the head only when the eyes are showing. The entire head is vulnerable in the second phase, but it's also smaller and harder to hit.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 49


At first, this rambling robot will swat at you and shoot its arms at you like missiles. Later, it will twirl its arms at high speed.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 49


Defeat HVC-09 before you lose Slippy, and you'll continue on to Macbeth instead of Titania.
—Star Fox


Falco will alert Fox when Spyborg approaches on-screen. When the fight begins, it will fly out from behind the player, so one should fly down low to avoid collision. Some deactivated Vipers can be locked onto in the debris behind Spyborg and shot down with homing laser bolts for extra Hit points.

Its main methods of attack are the lasers it fires from its yellow eyes and detaching and launching its large arms at the player. Both of which, can be easily avoided. When he says "Where is the creator?" he will launch his fists out. "You are an enemy" means he will start swiping at you. "Where is the enemy?" means he will start to spin rapidly, which can be easily avoided by moving to one of the top corners.

After it loses half of its life meter, the Spyborg will explode by itself only to return without its head gear, apparently with better vision of his opponents, as he quotes "The view is clear".

On occasion, the newly beheaded robot guardian will spin around with its arms outstretched or it will grab a nearby panel and throw it in the player's direction. If not defeated in time, Slippy will try hitting it himself. If the battle takes too long, its mad flailing will eventually tag the Arwing of the hapless pilot Slippy Toad, sending him crash landing on the nearby planet Titania, and the player will be forced there, where the next stage will take place. If the guardian is defeated quickly enough, the next stage will be the planet Macbeth.

  • If one destroys Spyborg without Slippy crash-landing on Titania, the player can still Change Course and go to Titania, even though Slippy doesn't need to be rescued. The resulting missions will still act as if Slippy was slapped towards Titania.
  • At a few points in Sector X, arms belonging to Spyborg will appear. It is unknown if these arms were the same ones used by the Spyborg fought by Star Fox or if the secret base intended to create a second Spyborg model before the one Fox fought against destroyed the base.


  • The official site's intelligence report accidentally reads Solar as the next possible path instead of Macbeth.


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