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Star Fox Adventures


A Staff Upgrade is the gaining of a new ability of Krystal's Staff. The only way to gain those upgrades are around the planet of Sauria inside magic caves. The magic caves either contain a new staff ability or an energy meter upgrade. In total there are 7 staff abilty upgrades as well as 3 energy meter upgrades. The ability upgrades are essential to play the game, but the energy meter upgrades are not, but some staff ability upgrades may not work on smaller energy meters, particulary the original one.

Instruction Booklet description

Hidden throughout Dinosaur Planet are numerous Magic Caves: the Staff will rumble and glow to let you know when one is nearby. Find a way in, and you can collect an upgrade, adding a new icon to the Staff section of the C Stick Inventory. Highlight the icon and press the A Button to use it [or just assign it to the Y Button]. There are many different Staff Powers to find an collect, but using them reduces the Staff Energy meter. You can refill this meter by collecting gems from the Magic Plants scattered throughout Dinosaur Planet.
—Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet


Staff ability upgrades and locations (in order of Fox's discovery)

  1. Fire Blaster - ThornTail Hollow, behind a magic door near the entrance ladder to SnowHorn Wastes and the area to enter Moon Mountain Pass.
  2. Rocket Boost - ThornTail Hollow, in the first section of the Ancient Well, before the "Crazy Thorntail".
  3. Ice Blaster - Volcano Force Point Temple, at the section where you have to dim/extinguish the orbs.
  4. Ground Quake - Moon Mountain Pass, near the first creature, behind a magic door opened after Fox encounters a Krazoa.
  5. SharpClaw Disguise - CloudRunner Fortress, sent to Fox by Slippy, whilst Fox doesn't actually have Krystal's Staff, in a room close to the prison Fox is sent to.
  6. Portal Opener - ThornTail Hollow, given to Fox as a reward for saving the Mother Thorntail's babies from EggSnatchers.
  7. Super Ground Quake - Walled City, an upgrade to the original Ground Quake, which deletes the original Ground Quake upon its discovery.

Staff Energy Meter uprade locations (in order of Fox's discovery)

  1. SnowHorn Wastes - in the area where the SnowHorn gives Fox the Small Scarab Bag, there is a patch that Tricky will uncover if Fox uses his Find Command. Under this is the uprgade.
  2. ThornTail Hollow - on top of the ThornTail Store is an area you can reach using a Rocket Boost Pad. Up here, use a Bomb Spore to blow open the cave and shoot all the Blaster Target inside to unlock the cave.
  3. Cape Claw - use the cannon (accessed via a Staff Portal Door) to blow open a rock on the beach of the cape. The rock is quite tall and is situated quite near to the High Top.


  • Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet

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