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Star Fox 64: Original Cuts From The Hottest New Nintendo 64 Game is a Soundtrack CD Album that was released by Nintendo of America in 1997 to coincide with the release of Star Fox 64. The Soundtrack features a selection of background music composed by both Hajime Wakai and Koji Kondo. The Soundtrack consists of 14 tracks tracks with duration over about 30 minutes.


Track Number Track Name Composer Duration
1. TITLE THEME Koji Kondo 01:18
2. DESTINATIONS Koji Kondo 02:00
3. CONERIA Hajime Wakai 04:18
4. METEO Hajime Wakai 01:08
5. FORTUNA + SECTOR Z Hajime Wakai 01:55
6. SECTOR X Hajime Wakai 02:36
7. TITANIA + MACBETH Hajime Wakai 02:18
8. BOLSE Hajime Wakai 01:28
9. VENOM Hajime Wakai 01:59
10. ANDROSS BATTLE Hajime Wakai 02:18
12. TRAINING MODE Hajime Wakai 01:06
13. VERSUS BATTLE ONE Hajime Wakai 01:57
14. CREDITS THEME Koji Kondo 05:13


  • The music tracks are played in the order a round of gameplay would take if the flight path is set entirely on the "Easy Path".

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