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PCCG-00421 front

Star Fox 64 Original Soundtrack front cover.

The Star Fox 64 Original Soundtrack was a CD released in 1997 with music from Star Fox 64. It is available in three versions: Ripped (single loop), Alternate, and Ripped (double loop (although quieter than single loop)). The music was written by Koji Kondo and Hajime Wakai.


1. Opening

2. Title

3. Select

4. Map

5. V.S. Select

6. Start Demo1

7. Start Demo2

8. Training

9. Corneria

10. Fichina and Sector Z

11. Meteo

12. Sector Y and Solar

13. Katarina

14. Aquas

15. Sector X

16. Zoness

17. Titania and Macbeth

18. Area 6

19. Bolse

20. Venom

21. Warp

22. Venom Demo

23. Route To Boss

24. Starwolf's Theme

25. Boss A

26. Boss B

27. Boss C

28. Andruf

29. Andruf Brain

30. Versus

31. Versus (one by one)

32. Bill's Theme

33. Cat's Theme

34. Mission Accomplished

35. Mission Failed

36. Player Down

37. Game Over

38. All Clear

39. Staff Credits

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